Russian President Betting

Since the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union, there have only been three presidents of the Russian Federation of whom Vladimir Putin has filled the role for fourteen years.

Boris Yeltsin was elected to the position in 1991 and was replaced by Putin in 1999 until 2008, after which Dmitry Medvedev took power for a four year term before Putin regained the presidency in 2012.

A nuclear power and a member of the United Nations, Russia is a major player in world politics and betting on who will ascend to the presidency next  is on offer from the bookmakers,

2018 Russian Presidential Election Odds

Vladimir Putin 1/500
Vladimir Zhirinovsky 55/1
Gennady Zyuganov 90/1
Each Way Terms 1/1
Odds correct as of 10th Apr, 11:09 . Odds are subject to change.
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