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There have been five leaders of The Conservative Party since 2000. William Hague, Iain Duncan-Smith and Michael Howard all led the party on the opposition benches in parliament, with David Cameron and Theresa May assuming the role of prime minister.

Having led a coalition with the Liberal Democrats after the 2010 general election, David Cameron went on to win a majority in the 2015 election, although resigned in 2016 after the EU Referendum was lost by the remain campaign which he supported.

A flurry of activity after his resignation in which Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom all postured for the top job, it was Theresa May who eventually emerged as the unopposed successor to Cameron.

Going to the country in May 2016 to reinforce her mandate as prime minister, Theresa May retained her role as leader but with a reduced majority in parliament was forced to negotiate with the DUP to be able to govern.

Next Conservative Leader Odds

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Next Conservative Leader Odds

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