Warren, Biden and Sanders face off for first time in Presidential bid

Friday 13th September 2019

Although the UK has been obsessed with its own political merry-go-round, with Brexit at its core, the United  States is building up for its next presidential election in 2020.

Donald Trump has been one of the most controversial presidents in American history and many would suggest that it has been his style of politics which has influenced the strategies of our current PM. However, he has managed to ride the wave of controversy for his entire residency at The White House and the Democratic Party is going to have to offer something very compelling to the electorate to unseat him.

So far, the Democrats have conducted three debates with their presidential hopefuls on display, but the most recent in Houston, Texas, was the only one to have the three most likely candidates set alongside each other.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s deputy, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (pictured above), who was narrowly beaten by Hillary Clinton last time around, lined up with seven others to debate political policy.

The debate was animated with healthcare and gun control at the top of the agenda and passions ran high.

Of course, it is inevitable at these events that party fault-lines are aired in public before there can be a coalition around the chosen candidate, but the differences certainly give Trump and the Republicans ammunition for their own campaigns.

On the whole Sanders and Warren were in agreement, with Biden representing the Barack Obama overview, which while popular, is still a movement backwards instead of forwards.

After all, while a popular president, many would suggest that Trump’s election was a violent and exceptional reaction to Obama's policies.

Of course Sanders is the older statesman and as such is seen as being over the hill by many, and Elizabeth Warren, will be subject to the same prejudice that Hillary experienced just for being female.

The other seven candidates have a long way to go in the next year but it is well worth remembering that Trump was 100/1 with the bookies at this point in his campaign, so there is everything to play for.

Senator Kamala Harris and Congressman Beto O’Rourke are names to watch in the coming months but polls suggest that Biden is still the most likely candidate to take on Trump next year.

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