Trump's lawyers will argue that ‘abuse of power’, is not impeachable crime

Monday 20th January 2020

On one hand the Trump campaigning machine is throwing millions of dollars at advertising campaigns across America to secure a second term in The White House, and on the other his lawyers are vigorously preparing his defence for this week’s impeachment trial.

The third president to face impeachment, after Nixon and Clinton, no-one really expects a guilty verdict with a Republican majority in The Senate. However with an election imminent, there will be every effort to insure damage limitation to the president’s character.

Of course, Trump’s allies have been consistently denigrating Congress decision to start the impeachment process, citing the president’s arch  enemy , the media, or ‘fake news’, as his biggest adversary. As Senator David Perdue remonstrated, "This has all been tried out in the media. I mean, he has not had an opportunity.”

Trump has always use the media to his advantage, especially social media, however now things have become a lot more serious.

Another Senator, John Comyn has pointed out that, "He's been charged with abuse of power, which is not treason, which is not bribery, which is not a high crime and misdemeanor," which is the stance that is likely to be employed by Trump’s lawyers this week.

Essentially, they will argue that there is simply not a case to answer which is in anyway impeachable.

Democrats are still fighting with the Senate’s procedure to enable new witnesses to be called and many political commentators are suggesting that The Senate itself is on trial, to see if it is willing to enable a broad and open trial of Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainian president.

Democrats will suggest that if not conducted fairly, this trial will question America’s democracy at its very heart.

The trial will be another media showpiece, with only one possible outcome, so it will be construed by politicians and public alike as nothing more than one expensive and comprehensive election campaign.

Currently, and surprisingly to many, Trump is still the bookies’ favourite to win another term in office, with his supporters empowered by the fact that their man is, in their eyes, being who unfairly treated.

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