Trump signs trade deal with Canada and Mexico in a fevered attempt to win votes

Thursday 30th January 2020

Unsurprisingly,  the maverick president, Donald Trump, finds himself in yet another unprecedented position.

The 45th president smashed the mould of those living in The White House from the outset and many thought he might not even last a term.

However, he is still in power and going for a second term at the end of the year with his characteristic bluster.

The irony is of course, that while he is enthusiastically trying to earn brownie points by solving the Palestinian/ Israeli crisis, his impeachment trial continues apace in The Senate.

Trump has been looking for a Nobel Peace Prize since his inauguration, which he hoped would come with his dealings with North Korea and now, even though the Palestinians were not even present at the discussions, he is claiming to have solved the Middle-East crisis.

Although no one expects the Republican majority in The Senate to find Trump guilty, the raft of damning evidence that is emerging daily is publicity that he can ill afford.

There is therefore no surprise that the president is seeking to please his grass-root support with tales of his accomplishments on the world stage.

Of course, one of his biggest campaign pledges, the first time, was to build a wall between the US and Mexico, which never happened, and it was even reported this week that a portion of wall that had his approval actually blew down.

However, he has a glint of good publicity having signed a new trade deal with Canada and America. The 1994 NAFTA agreement was always maligned by Trump, stating that it was responsible for the demise of US manufacturing so he is feeling bullish about the latest deal.

With more than $1trillion of trade between the three countries, this is an important and lucrative win for the president.The deal was agreed in principle in 2018, but it has taken this long for it too reach the statute books and even now Canada hasn’t actually ratified it yet.

Car companies are expected to benefit which will win votes for him at the ballot box,  but the whole affair is a warning shot to Boris Johnson that a trade deal with the US, after Brexit, could be a lengthy and complicated procedure - especially if he goes against Trump’s desires and uses Huawei for the UK’s 5G infrastructure.

Currently the bookies still have Trump as favourite to win the race to The White House and he will be spending the rest of the year looking for any opportunity to keep himself in that position.

Conservatives have a chance for an easy win — and all of Canada will benefit | The Star
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