Trump faces real threat of impeachment

Monday 30th September 2019

As Donald Trump revs up for the Presidential Elections in 2020, the man who has been mired in controversy throughout his presidency, appears to be finally in a very tricky place.

Time and again, during his time at The White House, there have been questions over, not only the delivery of his policies but the integrity of his decision-making process, with of course many concerns over Russian intervention in the election process itself.

However, the Democrats have finally found substantial enough evidence to call for an impeachment inquiry thanks to a whistleblower and the Ukrainian government, which Congress leader Nancy Pelosi announced with some aplomb to the press on Friday.

It appears , due to said whistleblower, that Donald Trump threatened to remove funding to the Ukrainians if they did not supply him with information about Joe Biden’s son. Biden is expected to be the Democrat candidate for president next year and so having any dirt on his son’s involvement with the Ukraine could certainly be spun to Trump’s advantage.

However, it seems that this time Trump’s machinations have backfired and because the transcript of his conversation with Zelensky is incomplete, and the actual recording was concealed by White House Officials to protect Trump, he position is looking more difficult to explain.

Nothing suggesting any misdoings by Joe Biden, or his son Hunter have come out of this story, just that Trump was prepared to use his presidential position to further his election campaign.

Impeachment is a strange and challenging process for all sides, but now that Democrats are in charge of Congress, the initial stages look to be quite straightforward.

However, the Senate is currently controlled by Republicans, which should allow Trump to be less concerned by the later stage of the proceedings, however, it has been reported that up to 35 Republican Senators are so fed up with Trump’s bullying tactics and strategising that they might be prepared to vote against him in an impeachment situation like this.

Unfortunately the impeachment process itself can be a very long one, which although it may divert Trump on his mission to get a second term, may not arrive in time and may even work in his favour. The current president will draw solace from the fact that Bill Clinton was impeached and went on to be president for a second term in the 1990s.


Trump To Be Impeached In First Term

Yes 1/2
No 6/4
Each Way Terms

Trump To Be Impeached In First Term

Odds correct as of 30th Sep, 09:24 . Odds are subject to change.
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