The Independent Group for Change disbanded with no representation in parliament

Friday 20th December 2019

2019 was an extraordinary time in the British Parliament. Brexit was at the heart of the furore that saw an enormous tidal wave wash through Westminster.

While Theresa May was at the helm, she was not only propped up by the DUP, but attacked relentlessly and voted down by those on her own benches.

She was of course not he only one whose loadstones were shaken, Labour MPs were similarly disenfranchised by their leader and disgruntled enough to walk away from the Socialist umbrella.

As Boris Johnson expelled trusted grandees from his own ranks, in a move few could believe, others formed a new political identity under the desperate banner of the Independent Group for Change.

11 MPs, 8 from the Labour Party and 3 from the Tories broke away from their Motherships in the hope that they could take the tiller when Westminster seemed to be in disarray.

There were some well known names in this reels, including Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen and Chuka Umunna, and while the latter defected to the Lib Dems, all of them lost their seats in the general election.

It seems that while some had hoped/predicted that Boris Johnson would be torn down at the polls, he was in fact strengthened beyond expectations.

Consequently the leader of this short-lived political party, The Independent Group for Change, announced on Twitter today that, “ It was right to shine a spotlight on Britain's broken politics. But having taken stock and with no voice now in Parliament, we begin the process of winding up our party. Thanks to all who stood with us."

It seems that in much the same way as Nigel Farage has experienced, it is possible to dent the status quo momentarily, but it seems the two-party system is very much here to stay in the United Kingdom.

Laura Kuenssberg on Twitter

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Munira Wilson 150/1

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