Republicans, have insurmountable political incentives to acquit Trump

Thursday 23rd January 2020

While Donald Trump mingles with billionaires at the World Economic Summit in Davos, Americans are focused on the shenanigans in The Senate.

The president’s impeachment trial has hit obstacles before it has even begun largely because the Republicans, who make up the majority are refusing to include more witnesses.

Because of the make-up of the Senate and the two-thirds majority needed for a conviction, few are in any doubt that Trump will be exonerated, but the evidence that has been gathered so far is an extraordinary damnation of the president’s actions.

Of course at the centre of this trial is Trump’s interaction with the president of the Ukraine and his willingness to withdraw military aid unless given information on his opponent Joe Biden.

It is this alleged abuse of power that is at the core of the debate, but ironically it is Trump’s well documented personal rants that it seems will work in his favour.

From the outset, Trump has maligned the president, coining much of their stories as no more than fake news and subsequently generated his own copy, his own rhetoric, no matter how bizarre.

If any other president been caught on camera berating women, or the physically or mentally disabled, they would have been vilified, but somehow because Trump does these things in a public area, or on Twitter he has become untouchable.

Thus far Trump has been kept away from the impeachment proceedings by his attorneys and Democrats are having to rely the testimonies of various White House officials, damning though it might be.

The Senate so far are having to watch video testimonies, from the investigation in Congress and whilst painful to watch, Republicans are duty bound to vote for Trump, for fear that to vote against him also incriminates all of the GOP who had to be aware of what he was like and how he operated.

As Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono pointed out, "I think it's painful for them to keep hearing how the President shook down the President of another country ... but you know what, this is forcing them to face it”.

However, the Republicans do not seem prepared to ‘face it’ at all, with many overtly laughing at the evidence, in true Trump manner, explaining that none of it is grave enough to remove Trump from The White House.

It seems that however chaotic and dining the evidence against Trump is, to avoid incriminating themselves and faring badly at the ballot box, Republican Senators will little the whole impeachment process and save their own political skin.

If Trump goes down, the Republicans fear they will go down too.

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