Pm tries for general election . . . for fourth time

Tuesday 29th October 2019

There is little doubt that the Brexit impasse in parliament has been enabled by the fact that the government has no majority, hence the endless cries that parliament is in control pf proceedings and not Boris Johnson.

However, while it is the ambition of any Opposition to undermine and replace the ruling party, it has been most unusual that because of the real risk that Boris Johnson would take the country out of Europe during any time that MPs were not sitting, they have been loathe to go to the polls and take time out of their time at Westminster.

Last night the PM failed, for the third time, to trigger a general election in the House of Commons, but he is primed to try yet again today and has some hope of success.

Yesterday, he tried to get a general election on the back of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, which requires two-thirds of MPs to support it, however today he has once again circumnavigated obstacles in his way, as is his manner, and will make a general election proposal that will only require a simple majority.

The main problem with Johnson’s ambition appears to be that while the SNP and the Liberal Democrats appear to be ready to go to the ballot box, Labour does not seem to be keen at all.

Once again Jeremy Corbyn made it clear yesterday at the despatch box, that although his party was very keen to go to the country, he simply could not trust the prime minister to not act in a feral way regarding Brexit, while his deal was still up in the air.

Of course, now that the EU has granted a further extension to the Brexit process until the end of January 2020, many will be reassured that the time is now right to ask the electorate. However the EU have also pointed out that if the deal can be finalised before January, that would also be acceptable.

At one moment it seems that parliament’s future path is clear, although by the end of any day it becomes confusingly opaque once again.

It does however look likely that the vote could go through today and as well as the daunting prospect of Christmas shopping to consider in the coming weeks, we are going to be gifted endless campaigning from our political parties.

Next General Election - Overall Majority

Conservative Majority 4/5
No Overall Majority 11/10
Labour Majority 20/1
Liberal Democrats Majority 50/1
Any Other Party Majority 80/1

Next General Election - Overall Majority

4. Liberal Democrats Majority
Odds correct as of 29th Oct, 09:40 . Odds are subject to change.
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