People’s Vote campaigners urge Labour and Lib Dems to enter pact

Monday 18th November 2019

Shortly after the European referendum vote in 2016, a movement emerged which demanded that a second referendum take place to reverse the first.

Attracting a number of celebrities and politicians to its ranks, The People’s Vote Campaign was born and they grew a significant presence across social media.

Unlike another single issue group, Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party, the PVC did not politicise itself in the same way, but sought to drive an ambition that would attract supporters from all political persuasions.

However, as the general election is getting closer and alliances between various groups are emerging to stave off the competition the People’s Vote Campaign are becoming more vocal.

They are urging Labour and Lib Dem candidates in 90 marginal seats to agree among themselves to step down in order to prevent the Brexit remain vote from being split.

Their passion is intense and their calls for election candidates to stand down for what they describe as “the greater cause”, is gaining momentum.

Of course, this is not only an issue about Brexit, but one concerning political careers and egos and requires great integrity to operate successfully.

Lib Dem candidate, Tim Walker was showered with praise, when he stood down in Canterbury at the weekend, to enable the Labour candidate to have a clear shot at winning the remain vote and it is being suggested that Caroline Kenyan should step aside in Lincoln to allow the same outcome for Labour’s Karen Lee.

Of course neither Jo Swinson or Jeremy Corbyn are endorsing these ideas, which would invalidate their belief in their own policies and manifestos, but by highlighting Farage’s move to step down in 317 constituencies to consolidate the Leave vote, the People’s Vote are forcing both leaders to re-consider.

They explained that,” Wherever possible, pro-People's Vote candidates who have the best chance of success, should be unopposed by others who share their commitment to a Final Say referendum.

"We appreciate this would involve a huge personal sacrifice, but this is an opportunity to save our country from a disastrous deal and give the people the Final Say on Brexit. The stakes have never been higher."

In fact one of the PVC’s 90 suggestions is that Tory Dominic Grieve, who now intends to stand as an Independent candidate in the election after his well-publicised fall out with Boris Johnson, should be allowed a clean run at his seat and that the Labour candidate should stand down. They go on to nominate 28 other seats where they think Corbyn should instruct his representatives to do the same.

Thursday is the cut off day for all candidates to be registered, so it will be very interesting if at the eleventh hour, Swinson and Corbyn decide to play tactically like Farage.

General Election -Canterbury Constituency Results

Conservatives 8/15
Labour 5/4
Liberal Democrats 17/2
Brexit Party 500/1
Ukip 500/1
Greens 500/1

General Election -Canterbury Constituency Results

Odds correct as of 18th Nov, 09:58 . Odds are subject to change.
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