Over a million expected to protest for second referendum on Saturday

Tuesday 15th October 2019

Although the eyes and ears of the country will be on Westminster this Saturday, when MP’s will be debating , in an emergency sitting, whether Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal ( if he gets one), should br accepted, outside of the House of Commons will be another spectacle that is certain to get the attention of the press.

Police forces across the country have been put on standby because what is expected to be the largest protest in UK history will occur this weekend.

Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan police are liaising with the National Police Co-ordination Centre, regarding the People’s Vote March on the capital, which is advocating a second referendum on the UK’s relationship with Europe.

The last People’s Vote march, back in March, drew over a million people, and with October 31 fast approaching, the numbers are expected to be considerably higher.

Of course the presence of the march will not be lost on the MPs debating Brexit in the House of Commons, although what effect it will have is unknown. It will at least put front and centre the arguments of remainers, on a day when the government of the day is making a last ditch attempt to leave the EU.

The policing will be further complicated by the fact that Extinction Rebellion protesters, campaigning over climate change are currently in situ in Parliament Square and show no signs of moving, although it is not expected that the two tribes will be antagonistic towards each other.

Although the concept of a second EU referendum arose soon after the first, little momentum was reached in this regard until the last couple of months.

Labour, whose position has always been vague, now seems more keen to take any deal with Brussels back to the electorate for verification and even the liberal Democrats who are stridently in the remain camp do not seem to be adverse to the situation.

Boris Johnson has never, and in his current bullish personna, would never cite a second vote as a possible strategy, but who knows, if he fails to get any backing on Saturday, for any of his suggestions, by Westminster, he too may have to listen to the crowds protesting outside.

No Deal Brexit in 2019

No (Withdrawal Agreement Is Ratified, Article 50 Extended Beyond 2019 Or Article 50 Revoked) 1/8
Yes (Uk Leave The Eu In 2019 Without Withdrawal Agreement In Place) 5/1
Odds correct as of 16th Oct, 10:30 . Odds are subject to change.
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