Openly Gay, Oxford educated man takes on Trump for The White House

Thursday 6th February 2020

President Donald Trump delivered the State of the Union speech in congress yesterday with all the swagger of a champion prize fighter, and with an inevitable acquittal from his impeachment trial today, he is appearing bullish and cocky about the prospect of a second term at the White House.

Although the Democrats have had four years of ammunition-gathering against this most maverick of statesmen, with a raft of personal and political blunders to choose from, his popularity rating among the American people has never been higher.

To add insult to injury, the Democratic caucus in Iowa, rather than being a flying start for the party, turned into an administrative shambles.

However, it appears that a most unlikely candidate is emerging from the Democratic ranks, who some see as a real potential to take on Trump.

Pete Buttigieg is a 38-year-old, Oxford and Harvard educated, openly gay man, seems is proving more popular than frontrunners like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Of course , the States has not even managed to install a woman at The White House yet, despite the popularity of Hillary Clinton last time around, so could they really vote in a gay man?

Up until now, Joe Biden seemed like the obvious Democrat option to take on Trump at the polls.

Interestingly, despite his sexuality, Buttigieg is a Navy Veteran, with a spell in Afghanistan in 2014, and his policies are more centrist than his opponents, which appears to be why he is gaining ground with the electorate.

Also at 38, he is decades younger than those around him, which certainly give him an edge with the US youth and he is using this as a mainstay to his campaign.

If he were in a UK election, he would be most aligned to the Liberal Democrats, but he also declares himself to be a Christian, albeit anti evangelicanism.

However, it seems that for him to make any real inroads into winning the Democrat nomination, he will have to up his game with the black vote, so he is relying on states with a white majority to boost his chances before he competes in areas that have a large black population.

He is counting on success in places like Iowa and New Hampshire to tee him off in the race to The White House in the hope that he has the chance to influence places like South Carolina where presently Joe Biden has polls at 48% of the black vote.

For the American people to swing from a right-wing conservative like Trump to a gay liberal, albeit academic, like Buttigieg, seems almost incredulous, but then did anyone ever really think that  reality TV star would end up at the helm of the free world?

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