Nicola Sturgeon predicts an “historic year” for Scotland

Tuesday 31st December 2019

Of course for the last three and a half years the word ‘referendum’ has become as common in British speech as ’tis’ or ‘coffee’, and for even the most ardent remainers, while defeated and depressed about the mandate that was given to Johnson at the recent polls, a sense of relief has begun to overshadow their demeanour.

However, as England, Ireland and Wales settle into a sense of resignation, Scotland is arming itself for another battle and a referendum is at the core of the war.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, experienced the same sort of landslide victory in Scotland as Johnson did at Westminster, and her vote was based on her anti-Brit stance, in complete opposition to the PM who won on his pro-Brit rhetoric.

With this support now clearly behind her, Sturgeon has predicted that 2020 will be an “historic year”, for Scotland, promising a second independence referendum for the nation, within the year.

Of course, even enabling this sort of vote will mean a real fight with Westminster, although with such a resounding majority North of the border, it seems impossible that Johnson will be able to refuse ad infinitum.

There is no way that the prime minister will want to go down in history as the one responsible for the break up of the union, but it is hard to know how this can be averted without democracy being ignored.

The current Scottish Secretary Alistair Jack, a pro Brexit devotee, obviously is opposed to a second referendum and cites that farmers, fishermen and business in Scotland will benefit from a post-Brit economy.

As Sturgeon rails that she will work to ensure it happens, Jack states that, “"As we begin this new chapter together, I will put the Union at the very heart of everything we do and work hard to make sure Scotland has a prosperous future," negating any question of another vote on Scotland’s future.

As has been the way of recent UK politics, both sides are adopting acronyms to further their position, Sturgeon cites the need for indyref2, whereas Jack calls it a ‘neverendum’ and belittles its value.

The landscape is set for as much rancour and debate between Scotland and Westminster as there was between Westminster and Northern Ireland in recent months, but as SNP deputy leader Keith Brown explains, “The case for independence has never been clearer," concluding, “No wonder people across Scotland – many of whom are not natural independence supporters – are now thinking again."

For those who hoped 2020 would finally be devoid of any referendum debate, think again, this will be as fraught and divisive as anything we have seen in the past four years.

Top EU lawmaker raises prospect of easy Scottish return to EU | DW | 29.12.2019

Scottish Referendum outcome

Yes To Independence 4/6
No To Independence 11/10
Each Way Terms
Odds correct as of 31st Dec, 11:21 . Odds are subject to change.
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