New poll finds UK majority still want to remain in the EU

Monday 13th January 2020

In December, after the general election, even ardent remainers appeared to have become resigned to  Brexit by voting for Boris Johnson in swathes.

It appeared that his battlecry of, “Get Brexit done”, resonated with an electorate who had simply become world weary with the endless debating in Westminster and wanted to move on to a place of more certainty.

However, now that Johnson is ruling the roost  with a majority of 80, able to more or less do what he wants, it seems that the voices of the UK have changed.

A BMG survey conducted for The Independent newspaper discovered that, with only days to go the majority of voters want to stay in the EU.

What is even more alarming is that the percentages are exactly the same as the referendum, but the other way round.

Reasons cited by the participants for their change of mind, were that Brexit would be bad for the economy, bad for the NHS and would lead to the break up of the Union.

Interestingly 29% believed they would be worse off financially and as a consequence four out of ten participants wanted the chance to vote on another referendum to rejoin in the next decade.

If representative of the nation as a whole, this poll could be bad for Johnson, and could pave the way for Labour’s strategy in the next five years.

Potentially, although Johnson is in an immensely strong position in Westminster, this might well indicate that he could face the same civil unrest as Thatcher did over the poll tax.

Participants also expected Brexit to be bad for the economy, the NHS, the unity of the UK and Britain’s place in the world over the next two years. Almost three in 10 (29 pe cent) expected to be personally worse off as a result of EU withdrawal, while just 15 percent expected their finances to be improved.

Another interesting facet of this poll was the support for a future trade deal with Europe as well as continued membership of the single market.

Europe has said consistently that it thinks it unlikely that a trade deal can be completed in Johnson’s designated twelve months, in which case the PM would exit on WTO rules. However, it seems if he reads this latest poll he might be more keen to amend his deadline if necessary.

Interestingly, this BMG poll, comes to the same conclusion as other polls over the last two years, and yet Johnson was returned to parliament.

Brexit it seemed was over, perhaps that is not quite true after all.


UK to rejoin the EU before 2026

No 1/10
Yes 5/1
Odds correct as of 13th Jan, 13:26 . Odds are subject to change.
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