More Brexit and trade deals with the US will dominate the political headlines in 2020

Tuesday 31st December 2019
Boris Johnson

After Boris Johnson returned to power with such a massive majority in the general election, it would appear that all conversations about Brexit would be off the political agenda and the nation can return to some semblance of normality.

To some extent, this conclusion is easily made because the Christmas break has seen an extraordinary lack of any political content in the media headlines.

However, be warned, as parliament gathers at Westminster in 2020, Brexit, and its wider impact on daily life will resume with a vengeance.

The EU Commission president has already warned that it may be impossible to cross the t’s and dot the i’s of a treaty with the UK by December and Johnson and Trump have made it clear that they are keen to agree a new trade deal asap.

Of course with his current dominance in the House of Commons, Johnson can more or less do what he wants, but mindful of keeping the public on side, especially those who abandoned the Labour Party in his favour, he will be careful not to serve up a new looking UK that is unpalatable.

However, in the Queen’s speech, Johnson paved the way for a new trade bill, which would override the Lords insistence that Brexit trade deals must be approved by parliament. By side-stepping these restrictions with new legislation, Johnson paves the way for chlorine-washed chicken and hormone enriched beef from America to flood British markets.

With the new trade deal that Johnson is going to push through parliament, he will not have to provide environmental or social impact studies with his new alliances, thus removing some real protection from the British public.

Environmental campaigners are certain to air their displeasure at this deregulation and it is set to be something that will dominate the headlines in the coming months.

Slashing standards on food, environmental and health issues, let alone in employment rights will inevitably force the Brexit issue back too the agenda, and if the many see that Brexit does not bring the security and prosperity the the PM promised, Johnson could find himself at odds with his voters and facing rebellion.

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