Money is everything in Presidential campaign as fundraising figures are released and Bernie Sanders surprises

Tuesday 14th January 2020
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As Boris Johnson bathes in his recent success in Downing Street, his counterpart across the pond is revving up for a Presidential election to secure another term at The White House.

However, the two election procedures vary enormously, not least because the focus is on one person and not a party, but also success is dependent on how much cash the contenders can raise.

This is not only incredulous in the UK, although no-one is unaware of the power of corporations and unions to boost their preferred candidates, but the numbers involved are staggering.

The monies that contenders raise are released quarterly and play a major part in each attaining the favour of their party and are followed avidly across the media.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont who ran against Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination last time, is featuring well this time around in the financial stakes, raising more than $34.5 million in the last quarter of 2019, bringing his total to $96 million for the year.

These numbers prove his appeal to the working classes across the US, and Sanders’ team pride themselves on the fact that this money has been raised by as little as $18 a time unlike the Trump machine which is funded by big business and corporate interests.

Trump , by comparison, overwhelms the Sanders’ effort with $158million in his campaign fund, before any third-quarter figures, which means that advertising and media campaigns are inevitably more prolific.

Other Democrat candidates, are however more fortunate that Sanders and can boost their profiles with monies from their own fortune. Front-runner Elizabeth Warren is not in this position, but billionaires Bloomberg and Tom Stayer have already spent over $250 million backing themselves.

Of course while this is not a competition to find the wealthiest person in the States, it does in fact seem that it is on many fronts. If corporate America is not on a candidate’s side, it will be very difficult to progress however likeable or capable that person might be. It also seems that being a woman in this particular arena, is still a disadvantage.

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