Lisa Nandy takes on Keir Starmer in Labour leadership race

Monday 6th January 2020
Lisa Nandy

The political New Year has started as dramatically as it ended in 2019, although this time the headlines have been grabbed by Trump’s assassination of Qassem Soleimani, rather than Brexit,  it will give domestic politicians lots to get their teeth into, not least the Labour Party.

Of course, after their crushing defeat at the ballot box in December the Opposition is in a state of extraordinary disarray, and with four election defeats in their locker, there is little doubt that something dramatic has to occur to make them a viable alternative to Boris Johnson.

Jeremy Corbyn, while popular with the membership failed to translate that support to the country as a whole, which is an awkward inheritance for his successor to change.

David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson all appealed to the electorate more than their Labour equivalents and despite Tony Blair, who enjoyed over a decade in Downing Street, warning about the folly of choosing Corbyn as leader, the party still shifted to the far left.

Now after the chaotic Brexit years, and with future trade deals under negotiation, Labour is tasked with re-branding itself and reclaiming its heartlands and Wigan MP Lisa Nandy, thinks she is the woman to do the job.

In fact she was well aware of the separation between Westminster and her own constituency which voted to leave and understands why the ‘Get Brexit Done’ mantra resonated with many working class voters in the North.

She speaks eloquently about her mission and while currently low in the bookies’ favourites, she has not been tarnished in the same way as Starmer, Thornberry and Long- Bailey, by standing as close to Corbyn in the past.

Labour will really ave to reinvent itself in the coming years and ac effectively and cohesively to win the electorate’s trust.

Potentially, a new face, and a woman’s face at the helm, might achieve this. However, it will be the membership, not the parliamentary party who will decide this, and they may still be set on a Corbynista future.

Lisa Nandy on the horrific benefits case that helped find her political voice

Next Labour Party leader

Keir Starmer 4/6
Rebecca Long-Bailey 2/1
Lisa Nandy 8/1
Jess Phillips 12/1
Clive Lewis 28/1
Yvette Cooper 33/1
Emily Thornberry 50/1
Dan Jarvis 50/1
Angela Rayner 66/1
David Miliband 100/1
Hilary Benn 200/1
Sadiq Khan 200/1
Stephen Kinnock 200/1
Tristram Hunt SP
Richard Burgon SP
Chuka Umunna SP
Angela Eagle SP
Diane Abbot SP
Laura Pidcock SP
Andy Burnham SP
Stella Creasy SP
Chi Onwurah SP
Heidi Alexander SP
Liz Kendell SP
Dawn Butler SP
Chris Leslie SP
Alan Johnson SP
Owen Smith SP
Jonathan Ashworth SP
Jim Mcmahon SP
Lavery, Ian SP
Harriet Harman SP
Sarah Champion SP
John Mcdonnell SP
David Lammy SP
Rachel Reeves SP
Lucy Powell SP
Nia Griffith SP
Barry Gardiner SP
Chris Williamson SP
Tom Watson SP
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Next Labour Party leader

Odds correct as of 7th Jan, 11:13 . Odds are subject to change.
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