Lisa Nandy impresses political pundits

Thursday 16th January 2020
Lisa Nandy

All eyes are on the fight for the leadership of the Labour Party, and while most are focused on two candidates, Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey, political pundits are becoming increasingly impressed by Wigan MP Lisa Nandy.

Of course, Labour would love to have a woman at the helm, something that their drive for equality and inclusivity has so far failed to achieve, but although the membership as a whole was devastated by Corbyn’s failure at the polls, it seems there is a desire to hold onto his policies and direction.

However, this is a strange position to uphold, given his thrashing at the polls in December, and one union, the National Union of Mineworkers, has decided that Miss Nandy holds the key to the future.

The NUM is not as influential in the Labour movement as it once was, but their support will certainly be a blow to Long-Bailey, and will bolster Nandy’s chances.

Currently, Nandy seems to be polling in fourth place in the leadership race, which is extraordinary given her performance in an interview with Andrew Neil last weekend.

Nandy was indeed impressive during her grilling from the seasoned interviewer. She was sharp, open, answered the questions and remained calm and articulate throughout.

There was no bandying about of slogans or empty rhetoric as she pointed out that she believed that the party had been, “getting it wrong for 15 years”. It was clear that Neil was both surprised and impressed by his latest victim’s answers.

She answered questions on education, taxation and of course Brexit, with plausible and considered responses , all indicating that this was a woman that Labour should take seriously, and that currently the electorate were frightened by the proposition of a Labour government because of how it had represented itself and it was time to present Labour as the party that truly had the country’s interest at its core.

Nandy is certainly willing to criticise the Corbyn leadership, which the other candidates have failed to do, which in itself is an oddity in that he failed so miserably in December.

It seems that the opposition is caught between a rock and a hard place, unable to appear disloyal by criticising the Corbyn years, but unable to form a robust opposition by not doing so.

It seems that Nandy ism not only prepared to take a different tack, but has the intelligence and demeanour to carry it off.

The Wigan MP, if given enough of the limelight, could just knock Starmer and Long-Bailey off their perch in the coming weeks. and if nothing else is sure to be a face to watch on the opposition front benches.

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