Lib Dems offer £10k purse to every adult for education and training purposes

Monday 11th November 2019
Jo Swinson

There is absolutely no doubt that Jo Swinson is proffering herself as the next resident of Downing St, even though few pundits, or bookmakers, seem to agree with her predictions, and while it is only a short time ago that the Lib Dems did share power with the Tories, it is precisely their actions during this period that concerns many.

When Nick Clegg stepped into the role of Deputy Prime Minister, under David Cameron, while many had hoped he would tame the Tories’ austerity regime, his inability to fulfil his promise to curb tuition fees was seen by many as the reason his party fell so miserably at the 2017 election.

The party, as a whole lost numerous seats in the House of Commons and with Tim Farron at the helm, it seemed that Liberals were once more cast out into the political wilderness.

However, as they say 24 hours is a lifetime in politics, let alone two years, and the results of the 2019 European elections, indicated hat the Liberals were undergoing a resurgence.

It has been mainly their stance on Brexit that has increased their popularity and disgruntled remain MPs, from both Tory and Labour benches have joined their ranks.

As the only party to actively campaign to remain in Europe, and even to revoke Article 50, their stance is straightforward and singular and it is certainly the Brexit debate that is at the forefront of their election campaign.

They are actively engaged in the Remain Alliance, with Plaid Cymru and the Greens, to maximise their effect on December 12, but now that the other parties are stepping into non-Brexit territory in their campaigning, the Liberals are having to offer something else to their position.

Ironically, given their recent past, it is education that the Liberals have returned to to excite the electorate.

Today, Jo Swinson pledged that under her leadership, every UK citizen would be given an education wallet of £10k.

This would, however, be dispensed over a thirty year period. Designed to help with skills training, £4k would be available at age 25, £3k at 40 and a final £3k at 55.

These monies would not have to be used at the time, and could be dipped into over the years to improve career prospects.

It  is one of the few novel ideas among the various manifestos, and employers and local governments would be encouraged to add to an individuals pot, by the way of job incentives, and it would be funded by reversing the government’s cuts in Corporation Tax.

It is certainly a way of the Lib Dems apologising for their previous educational funding gaffe and may prove a popular gimmick at the ballot box.

Debate Her

Government After The Next General Election

Conservative Majority 1/3
Labour Minority 6/1
Conservative Minority 11/1
Labour – Snp Coalition 12/1
Conservative – Dup Coalition 18/1
Labour – Lib Dem – Snp Coalition 22/1
Labour – Lib Dem Coalition 25/1
Labour Majority 25/1
Conservative – Brexit Party Coalition 33/1
Conservative – Lib Dem Coalition 66/1
Lib Dem – Snp Coalition 200/1
Lib Dem Minority 200/1
Conservative – Labour Coalition 300/1
Lib Dem Majority 400/1
Brexit Party Minority 750/1

Government After The Next General Election

5. Conservative – Dup Coalition
6. Labour – Lib Dem – Snp Coalition
7. Labour – Lib Dem Coalition
9. Conservative – Brexit Party Coalition
10. Conservative – Lib Dem Coalition
11. Lib Dem – Snp Coalition
13. Conservative – Labour Coalition
Odds correct as of 12th Dec, 09:35 . Odds are subject to change.
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