Labour Together maps a ‘route back to power’

Monday 23rd December 2019

Tory households across the country will be sitting down to their Christmas festivities with a real sense of joy and celebration and relief.

The past three years have been turbulent ones for the party, with many wondering if it was on the verge of extinction. The rise of the ERG, the demise of Theresa May, the expulsion of 21 MPs, the loss of many others to the Opposition, let alone the stalemate in parliament, saw the Conservatives in a state of chaos. However, after the result on December 12, returning to parliament with a majority of 80, Boris Johnson is now at the helm of a very buoyant and powerful ship.

In complete contrast the Labour Party are in complete disarray, having retreated battered and bruised to the political sidelines.

Corbyn has announced his departure, although probably not until March, while the post mortem begins to understand what went so disastrously wrong.

Of course, it is the membership who will choose the new leader, unlike the Tory Party who depend on their MP’s choice, and with a large slice of that membership still favouring the concept of Corbynism, it will be difficult to manoeuvre Labour’s politics in a different direction.

Today a new group was announced called Labour Together whose intention is to address this problem and subsequently to optimistically find, ‘a route back to power’.

Tony Blair, the last and very successful Labour PM has always voiced his concern about the party’s surge to the left under Corbyn, but now this group wants to excavate the recent election results and discover the truth.

Members and focus groups will all have their say, and another failed Labour Leader Ed Miliband will be overseeing the process, trying to establish exactly why Labour headlands chose to vote Tory at this historic juncture in British politics.

If Corbynism is indeed a failed concept, what should take its place, and will that philosophical change find the support of the membership.

Former Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell will work alongside Milliband, to re-appraise the parties failure to appeal to the country, for as she pointed out "We all have to accept that our offers to the country have been insufficient.”

Of course, the first and most important step is to appoint  new leader, and while there are five long years before the next scheduled general election, Labour will certainly want to be at the forefront of the Brexit debate as it unravels in the coming year.

Perhaps looking north of the border at Nicola Sturgeon’s success, might be the first step forward?

2019 Election Review - Labour Together

Next Labour Party Leader

Keir Starmer 3/2
Rebecca Long-Bailey 9/4
Lisa Nandy 5/1
Jess Phillips 12/1
Yvette Cooper 14/1
Angela Rayner 16/1
Clive Lewis 16/1
Emily Thornberry 25/1
Dan Jarvis 40/1
Andy Burnham 50/1
Stephen Kinnock 50/1
Dawn Butler 50/1
David Lammy 66/1
Liz Kendall 100/1
David Miliband 100/1
Rachel Reeves 100/1
Ian Lavery 100/1
Stella Creasy 100/1
Laura Pidcock 100/1
Diane Abbott 100/1
Barry Gardiner 100/1
Tom Watson 100/1
Wes Streeting 100/1
Richard Burgon 100/1
Hilary Benn 100/1
John Mcdonnell 100/1
Chi Onwurah 100/1
Dan Carden 200/1
Jonathan Ashworth 200/1
Sadiq Khan 200/1

Next Labour Party Leader

Odds correct as of 23rd Dec, 09:52 . Odds are subject to change.
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