Labour MP Richard Burgon predicts dirty tricks campaign against Jeremy Corbyn

Thursday 31st October 2019

There seems little doubt, given the unequalled behaviour in parliament in recent months, the violent and internet threats to politicians and the division across the country, that the upcoming general election could be unpleasant.

The most stark divide is likely to be created between the Tories and the Labour Party, and inevitably between Corbyn and Johnson.

The PM stands with a raft of errors already in the public domain, many easily accessible through his endeavours as a Times columnist, others the result of his colourful personal life, not to mention his recent proroguing of parliament which was found to be illegal in the eyes of The Supreme Court.

When it comes to Corbyn, he has been able to keep his domestic life out of public view, but it is his inability to curb the anti-semitism in his party that will hound him in the next few weeks, together with his ever-evolving  attitude to the Brexit question.

Today, one of his fold Shadow Secretary for Justice Richard Burgon MP, told the BBC that he is anticipating a dirty tricks campaign against his leader to be mounted in the coming weeks , devised by Dominic Cummings, the man responsible for the now infamous London Bus hoarding during the EU Referendum.

Burgon, along with many others focus on the difference between those funding the Tory campaign and those behind Labour, as likely to be the root of the battles ahead.

There is no doubt that big business and those in the city are boosting the Conservative’s coffers, in fact many of his backers have openly revealed that their hedge fund manoeuvres have done nicely with their association.

In complete contrast, Corbyn and Burgon are keen to remind the press that their party has 500,000 members, who will be pushing for radical change of the status quo for the working man after years of Tory austerity.

There will certainly be passion on Saturday when England take on the Springbok’s at the Rugby World Cup, but there is no doubt that there will be similar energy, force, and the odd dirty trick on the playing field among politicians in the next six weeks.

Most Seats In Next UK General Election

Conservatives 1/7
Labour 6/1
Liberal Democrats 20/1
Brexit Party 25/1
The Democrats SP
Ukip SP
Any Other Party (Incl Brexit Party & Change Uk) SP
Change Uk SP
Greens SP
Each Way Terms

Most Seats In Next UK General Election

7. Any Other Party (Incl Brexit Party & Change Uk)
Odds correct as of 31st Oct, 12:21 . Odds are subject to change.
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