Johnson surges ahead with new strategies as Labour scan their choices for a new leader

Thursday 19th December 2019

Today will mark the first real day of Boris Johnson sensing that he is a man of real power in the UK. Although having possessed the authority of the role of prime minister for the past three months, without a working majority in the Houses of Parliament, the Tories have been at the mercy of their rivals.

However, after securing a massive majority in the general election last week, the Conservatives are riding the crest of a wave and Johnson is relishing every minute.

Today, the presence of the Queen in Westminster will herald Johnson’s new vision for the next 5 years and there will be little that the opposition can d to obstruct it.

The State Opening of Parliament will see a Queen’s Speech that first and foremost will put his Brexit Bill at the heart of his actions, alongside new laws to send terrorists to prison for longer terms, as well as promises to boost funding to the NHS.

Of course, as ever, Johnson wants to be popular, it was a feature of his time as Mayor of London, and many would argue was the root cause of his success in the general election in Labour strongholds in the North, but luckily he has five years to essentially do what he wants, so strong is his position, that positive public or parliamentary opinion is simply not essential.

There are manifesto pledges to adhere to, of which Brexit is key, but fulfilling pledges about social care, policing and nursing numbers may just ebb away in the fullness of time.

The shape and nature of the final agreement with Brussels over trade tariffs will make a huge difference to the amount of money in the national coffers and the state of the economy, but the PM does have depth and breadth to make mistakes.

By contrast, as Corbyn accompanies Johnson into the House of Lords today to hear the Queen’s Speech, his party are a poor reflection of their former selves.

Battle weary from a brutal election campaign, bitterness and anger is emerging from the opposition benches as a new leader is sought.

Each day a new name seems to enter the arena, although as yet there is not one frontrunner or a clear idea of the path forward.

As Johnson bullishly strides ahead to fulfil his ten year old’s dream of being King of the World, Labour are left bewildered and dishevelled with the heady task of re-building the party in five short years.

Next Labour Leader

Rebecca Long-Bailey 6/4
Keir Starmer 9/4
Lisa Nandy 4/1
Jess Phillips 10/1
Yvette Cooper 11/1
Emily Thornberry 20/1
Clive Lewis 33/1
Angela Rayner 50/1
Dan Jarvis 50/1
David Miliband 66/1
Stephen Kinnock 66/1
Hilary Benn 66/1
David Lammy 66/1
Andy Burnham 80/1
Rachel Reeves 100/1
Sadiq Khan 100/1
Dawn Butler 100/1
Richard Burgon 100/1
Heidi Alexander SP
Laura Pidcock SP
Nia Griffith SP
Lucy Powell SP
Chi Onwurah SP
Sarah Champion SP
Liz Kendell SP
John Mcdonnell SP
Barry Gardiner SP
Chris Leslie SP
Owen Smith SP
Jim Mcmahon SP
Harriet Harman SP
Chuka Umunna SP
Diane Abbot SP
Alan Johnson SP
Stella Creasy SP
Tristram Hunt SP
Tom Watson SP
Angela Eagle SP
Chris Williamson SP
Jonathan Ashworth SP
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Next Labour Leader

Odds correct as of 19th Dec, 11:46 . Odds are subject to change.
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