Johnson repays Labour supporters with living wage rise

Thursday 2nd January 2020

As many return to the world of work today, although it seems the PM is still enjoying his Caribbean retreat, many hope that the word ‘Brexit’ will finally disappear into the sunset.

The lull in political warfare has been welcome across the land and it seems that Johnson is keen to maintain this feel good factor.

In  what the Opposition might call a hugely cynical manoeuvre, to keep Labour voters who supported the PM in the general election, the government announced this week that the national living wage would be rising by 6.2%.

The man who ironically supported, and defended Tory austerity over the past ten years, is acting in true populist fashion, declaring that, "For too long, people haven't seen the pay rises they deserve."

The increase will indeed be impressive increasing to £8.72 per hour for those 25 and above and to £8.20 for 21 to 24 year olds.

Labour, who introduced the minimum wage 20 years ago are of course  calling for more and cite £10 per hour as a much fairer figure.

It seems that the political debate is set to be won and lost over social policies that were always seen as the domain of the Left.

However, Johnson has already annoyed the British Chamber of Commerce with his latest strategy declaring that this move is unviable for small business, in particular, at time of such economic uncertainty, especially when  business rates increase by 1.7 % next year.

Of course the ‘uncertainty’ that is highlighted is of course Brexit and how the new trade agreements with Europe and America will impact businesses here.

So once again it seems Brexit is clawing its way back into the limelight for the New Year!

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