Johnson finally reveals his Brexit deal to Tory conference

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Brexit has dominated the political landscape in the UK for over three years now and with only 29 days remaining before the Halloween deadline, today is the day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will finally reveal his hand.

He has taken a bullish stance since becoming PM and many would argue that his manner has caused greater division and has shaken Westminster to its very core.

Making it clear that he will take the UK out of the EU without a deal, if necessary, there have been extensive talks about the provision for the country should this happen, as revealed in the Yellowhammer document, although it has always been Johnson’s contention that he would rather exit with a deal.

Today he will take to the stage at the Conservative Party Conference to finally put on the table what his Brexit proposals are.

There has been much speculation about this great unveiling, although very little substance.

The EU have consistently refuted that they have had any detailed documentation from Downing St, and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, whose approval would be required to manage the Irish border, has also been adamant that he has seen nothing new from the UK.

Essentially, the sticking point has always been how it is possible to honour the Good Friday Agreement, by keeping the border open, and at the same time make a clear delineation between North and South to separate the two different trading zones.

Johnson has denied that there would be checkpoints away from the border to achieve this, but questions about over regulation, which would hamper trade, and even smuggling have not as yet been answered.

Of course the PM has been beating his ‘do or die’ drum since taking office, insisting that Britain will leave the EU on 31 October, but how he hopes to get Brussels on side in such a short time span is anyone’s guess.

His task is an enormous one. First he has to get his own party on side, then he has to get Brussels and the other 27 leaders on side and then he has to get the whole package through parliament, all in 29 days.

It is therefore no wonder, that those opposed to leaving are throwing as many obstacles in his path, to make his chances of success even more difficult.

Will there be another referendum, will Article 50 be revoked, will the Brexit process be extended once more, or will Johnson get the deal done in the coming weeks and the whole process will be done and dusted?

Boris may want his conference to believe he is delivering the perfect solution today, but the political landscape tells another story.

A Second EU Referendum Before 2020

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A Uk Eu Referendum Before 2020 14/1
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