John Major warns that Boris could side-step the law again

Friday 27th September 2019
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Such has been the furore in Westminster since 11 Supreme Court Judges stepped in and found Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament unlawful, that today 100 Bishops and Archbishops wrote a damning letter to parliamentarians asking for calm and respect.

However, if John Major’s latest speculation is correct, it seems that the prime minister is prepared to side-step the law for a second time.

At the heart of Johnson’s frustration (and his political adviser Dominic Cummings ) is the fact that parliament passed the Hilary Benn Act, or as the PM disparagingly calls it, the Surrender Act, which legislates that the UK government cannot leave the EU without a deal.

Johnson has argued that this ties his hands at the negotiation table and only the threat of a no deal Brexit will bring a better response from Brussels.

His now famous mantra that the UK will come out of the EU “do or die” on October 31 is one that he still stands by and although there seem to have been no new negotiations with Brussels his decisiveness on this front seems immovable.

The only way that he can continue this bullish strategy with the Benn Act in place would be to circumnavigate this legislation altogether, but would he seriously be prepared to break the law for a second time?

Ex-prime minister John Major, who has been a critic of Johnson’s methods from the outset, believes he has found a loophole which Johnson could exploit and deliver on his bullish no deal Brexit despite parliament’s efforts to stop that eventuality.

In what Major calls “political chicanery”, he explains that it is possible to bypass parliament, and the current legislation by using what is called, an Order of Council by delaying the implementation of the Bill via the Privy Council until after October 31.

Last night cabinet minister James Cleverley was asked on BBC’s Question Time if this is what the government intended to do , and while unsurprised by the news, he refused to deny the possibility.

Should Boris implement this latest tactic, parliament is likely to explode. Will he be so reckless as to incite Westminster so soon after the Supreme Court’s ruling?

Currently it seems anything is possible in the House of Westminster.

Sir John Major fears Boris Johnson€™s Government could use Privy Council to bypass Brexit extension legislation

No Deal Brexit in 2019

No (Withdrawal Agreement Is Ratified, Article 50 Extended Beyond 2019 Or Article 50 Revoked) 1/8
Yes (Uk Leave The Eu In 2019 Without Withdrawal Agreement In Place) 5/1
Odds correct as of 16th Oct, 10:30 . Odds are subject to change.
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