Jo Swinson takes Lib Dems backwards

Thursday 28th November 2019
Jo Swinson

There is no doubt that after successful European election results in May, , trouncing the two major parties, Jo Swinson entered the election campaign in a bullish state of mind.

Replacing the revered Vince Cable after the helm, it was clearly the Liberals’ hope that this fresh face could gain the support, that Nick Clegg had received at the ballot box.

However, there is little doubt that while Clegg demonstrated that Liberals could be in power,  albeit in coalition, the party let down its electorate in so many ways during its time in government, that Swinson or any other leader would be facing an uphill battle at the ballot box.

Fresh-faced and female, Swinson started the campaigning process by suggesting that she could even be the next PM.

In fact the definitive Remain message from the Liberals was offered as a clear attack on both Tories and Labour, with the intent to revoke article 50 chosen as a clear vote winner.

However,  as the campaigns have rolled out across the country, and the interviewers have sharpened their words, and honed their questions, Swinson is fading fast in the polls.

She has even appeared almost naive under the spotlight and ill prepared for the magnitude of high office.

Participating in a remain coalition with Plaid Cymru and the Greens has certainly increased the Lib Dems profile and purpose, but all dreams of being PM seem destined once again to lie at the feet of the Tories or the Labour Party.

In fact, even if there was a hung parliament and Corbyn was tasked to form a coalition, it looks far more likely that he would liaise with the SNP than the Liberals anyway.

Unfortunately, Swinson’s record when part of the Cameron/Clegg coalition is pretty damning, and while she may gain tactical votes from those pro-European voters, it appears few would be considering her as a potential PM.

It is therefore no surprise that the Liberals are focusing their attention on Boris Johnson’s residency of Number 10.

A forceful advertising campaign yesterday bill-boarded the fact that not only had the PM lied to the electorate and to parliament, but that he had also lied to the Queen.

The blistering smear campaign has one thing in its sites and that is undermining the Conservatives, but not boosting Swinson’s trajectory to Number 10.

The Lib Dems it seems have well and truly curbed their ambitions.

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Most Seats In Next General Election

Conservatives 1/12
Labour 12/1
Liberal Democrats 66/1
Any Other 200/1

Most Seats In Next General Election

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