Is “domestic terrorism” Donald Trump’s fault?

Monday 5th August 2019

Many pundits have made comparisons between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, whether it is their haircuts, their populist banter or their right-wing politics, and currently it seems that both men have their eye on their re-election when it comes to their daily rhetoric.

Boris Johnson is  certainly throwing a lot of public money around as he announced £1.8 billion for the NHS yesterday, although many are arguing that this is not new money, and with a presidential election next year it appears that Trump may have to change tack slightly with his usual anti-immigration, make America Great again mantra.

At the weekend two mass shootings took the lives of 20 individuals in El Paso and 9 in Dayton Ohio. One of the shooters was killed and the other arrested.

As a result, the debate about white nationalism and of course the NRA has once again reared its head and Trump is at the centre of it.

It appears that the El Paso massacre in particular was generated by what has been termed “domestic terrorism” and targeted at the hispanic community which the president has been so derogatory about.

Today news headlines accused Trump of creatine fertile ground for these lone white supremasist marksmen but of course the president is claiming that the media is simply creating fake news.

This subject is certainly going to be one that features heavily in the electioneering next year and Trump is going to have to come up with some attractive policies to win around those other than his grassroots supporters.

The president begrudgingly stated that, “perhaps more has to be done” about these mass killings, but didn’t actually suggest what that might be.

Gun laws are an emotive issue in the States which go back to the founding Fathers and the gun lobby is immensely powerful and influential.

However, much in the same way as Boris Johnson wants to be seen to be spraying money at the UK economy to win votes for a coming election, it seems his mop-haired counterpart in the US, will have to find some really attractive gun law amendments to stay in power for anther term.

2020 Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump 5/6
Joe Biden 6/1
Elizabeth Warren 8/1
Kamala Harris 10/1
Bernie Sanders 12/1
Buttigieg, Pete 25/1
Yang, Andrew 33/1
Tulsi Gabbard 40/1
Amy Klobuchar 66/1
Cory Booker 66/1
O'rourke, Beto 66/1
Michelle Obama 100/1
Mike Pence 100/1
John Hickenlooper 150/1
Julian Castro 150/1
Hillary Clinton 150/1
Nikki Haley 150/1
Oprah Winfrey 200/1
Michael Bloomberg 200/1
Inslee, Jay 200/1
Bennet, Michael 200/1
Ryan, Tim 200/1
Kirsten Gillibrand 200/1
Pelosi, Nancy 200/1
Bullock, Steve 200/1
John Kasich 200/1
Steyer, Tom 200/1
Schultz, Howard 200/1
Weld, Bill 200/1
Jeb Bush 250/1
Condoleezza Rice 250/1
Murphy, Chris 250/1
Tammy Duckworth 250/1
Martin O'malley 250/1
Terry Mcauliffe 250/1
Ben Sasse 250/1
Baker, Charlie 250/1
Casey, Bob 250/1
Ivanka Trump 250/1
Corker, Bob 250/1
Mitt Romney 250/1
Abrams, Stacey 250/1
George P Bush 250/1
Moulton, Seth 250/1
Delaney, John 250/1
Gillum, Andrew 250/1
Tim Kaine 250/1
Ted Cruz 250/1
Landrieu, Mitch 250/1
Paul Ryan 250/1
Rubio, Marco 250/1
Carly Fiorina 250/1
Messam, Wayne 250/1
Rand Paul 250/1
Mark Cuban 250/1
Hogan, Larry 250/1
Rick Perry 250/1
Rob Portman 250/1
Kerry, John 250/1
Bill De Blasio 250/1
George Clooney 250/1
Mattis, James 250/1
Gary Johnson 250/1
Garcetti, Eric 250/1
Tom Cotton 250/1
Andrew Cuomo 250/1
Kushner, Jared 250/1
Merkley, Jeff 250/1
Ellison, Keith 250/1
Scott Walker 250/1
Nixon, Jay 250/1
Kennedy Iii, Joseph 250/1
Flake, Jeff 250/1
Walsh, Marty 250/1
Patrick, Deval 250/1
Newsom, Gavin 250/1
Gifford, Rufus 250/1
Al Gore 250/1
Kander, Jason 250/1
Lindsey Graham 250/1
Tim Scott 250/1
Dwayne Johnson 300/1
Trey Gowdy 300/1
Newt Gingrich 300/1
Mark Zuckerberg 300/1
Andrew Basiago 300/1
Chelsea Clinton 300/1
Gravel, Mike 300/1
Brown, Jerry 300/1
Ben Carson 300/1
Sarah Palin 300/1
Chris Christie 300/1
Rick Santorum 300/1
Sessions, Jeff 300/1
Cortez Masto, Catherine 300/1
Jindal, Bobby 300/1
Ducey, Doug 300/1
Jill Stein 300/1
Williamson, Marianne 300/1
Evan Mcmullin 300/1
Steve Bannon 300/1
Rudy Giuliani 300/1
Kanye West 500/1
James, Lebron 500/1
Mcafee, John 500/1
Scarborough, Joe 500/1
Avenatti, Michael 500/1

2020 Presidential Election Odds

Odds correct as of 8th Aug, 14:14 . Odds are subject to change.
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