Is Boris now bottling it with broadcasters ?

Friday 29th November 2019
Boris Johnson

Although Boris Johnson and the Tories are currently predicted to win at the polls on December 12, it is now appearing that the man that the country is being seduced to put their faith in is the Conservatives’ weakest point.

After seeing Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn been grilled by the rottweiler broadcaster Andrew Neil, it seems that Johnson and his party have decided that subjecting him to a similar fate could be hugely damaging to their campaign.

It seems that for Johnson not to appear under the spotlight, with all the accusations from the opposition that would incur, is entirely preferable to putting the PM in the hot-seat and witnessing the inevitable PR errors that would occur.

When originally, it was Johnson’s affable demeanour that was the Conservatives’ meal ticket, it seems he is now their weakest link.

Last night, he was due to appear, with other party leaders, on a Channel 4 debate specifically about climate change, deemed as an issue more important than any party political issues on the election agenda.

Of course, as prime minister, Johnson was invited and expected to appear.

However, he did not arrive, sending his envoy Michael Gove instead. In some well choreographed outrage, Gove  said Johnson was not available and as Environment Secretary he was better equipped to join in anyway.

Channel 4 insisted that this was a ‘Leaders’ debate and so obstructed Gove’s inclusion and replaced Johnson’s place on stage with a block of melting ice.

The fallout has been spectacular with the Tories reporting Channel 4 to Ofcom, as the prime minister’s character once more fell into disrepute.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast this morning Labour’s Deputy Leader John McDonnell was clearly furious that the PM continues to avoid the scrutiny of the media, bringing up once again that he still had not endured an interview with Andrew Neil.

It seems Dominic Cummings, the political strategist behind the Tory Campaign, has decided that their leader is now their greatest liability.

Even the PM’s Father, Stanley Johnson arrived with Gove to help out last night, which is a bizarre occurrence in any situation.

This morning, aware of the furore that last night had ceased Johnson appeared on LBC offering as his defence that, “ I cant do absolutely every debate”, in what appeared like a very futile reaction to the outrage caused.

It seems the manager is now having to be managed.

Government After The Next Election

Conservative Majority 1/3
Labour Minority 6/1
Conservative Minority 11/1
Labour – Snp Coalition 12/1
Conservative – Dup Coalition 18/1
Labour – Lib Dem – Snp Coalition 22/1
Labour – Lib Dem Coalition 25/1
Labour Majority 25/1
Conservative – Brexit Party Coalition 33/1
Conservative – Lib Dem Coalition 66/1
Lib Dem – Snp Coalition 200/1
Lib Dem Minority 200/1
Conservative – Labour Coalition 300/1
Lib Dem Majority 400/1
Brexit Party Minority 750/1

Government After The Next Election

5. Conservative – Dup Coalition
6. Labour – Lib Dem – Snp Coalition
7. Labour – Lib Dem Coalition
9. Conservative – Brexit Party Coalition
10. Conservative – Lib Dem Coalition
11. Lib Dem – Snp Coalition
13. Conservative – Labour Coalition
Odds correct as of 12th Dec, 09:35 . Odds are subject to change.
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