Geta Thunberg becomes Time Magazine Person of the Year and signposts politics of the future

Thursday 12th December 2019
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Amongst the hullabaloo of impeachment proceedings of the US president, the chaos of Brexit and the general election in the UK, stands teenager, who is influencing political debate on a global scale.

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year old Swede who started an environmental campaign last year by missing lessons at school one day a week.

Her message spread far and wide and she travelled by ship to attend climate conferences across the Atlantic.

Although many seasoned politicians have found her to be a precocious irritant, and many have suggested that she is being exploited by parents and other forces, her voice is being taken seriously.

Yesterday after she had spoken at a climate change debate in Madrid, once again urging politicians to act and to act fast, Time Magazine unveiled her as their Person of the Year.

The publication have honoured the great and the good annually since 1927 and Greta’s place among these past winners is spectacular.

Boris Johnson or Donald Trump would certainly jump at the chance to be recognised by Time magazine in this way, but as Thunberg consistently points out, it is these politicians that she believes are the root cause why the environment is not being addressed with more urgency.

Of course here in the UK, it is Sir David Attenborough who is the environmental spokesman, and conscience of the nation and he happily takes the politicians to task for their inaction over the climate emergency.

Interestingly Greta’s award is a sign of the times and a big warning sign to all political leaders.

If a 16-year old can have the ears of the UN and can not , as yet, even vote, then her message across the ballot boxes of the world will be very influential in future.

Green issues will be vote winners and globally politicians of every political persuasion will have to take notice.

Unfortunately Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Treaty and shows no sign of exhibiting any eco-friendly policies, because they do not fit in with his populist demeanour and while Boris Johnson tries to be ‘ one of the people’ and did create Boris Bikes across London when Mayor of the city, he does not naturally ally himself with green policies.

There seems little doubt that Time’s choice of person of the year, signposts the direction of politics of the future.

However it is also worth remembering that the Gree Party in the UK only hasten

Most seats in general election

Conservatives 1/12
Labour 10/1
Liberal Democrats 150/1
Any Other 200/1

Most seats in general election

Odds correct as of 12th Dec, 13:23 . Odds are subject to change.
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