France and Finland give Boris 11 days to find Brexit solution

Thursday 19th September 2019

Boris Johnson is currently experiencing immense pressure at home not only over Brexit, but to make things worse the legality of his decision to prorogue parliament is being scrutinised by the Supreme Court.

Today, it seems that those who he euphemistically calls “our friends in Europe” have also come to the end of their tether and have issued him an ultimatum.

Of course, there is political brinkmanship at play here, both at home and abroad, but the energy with which it is being delivered is now gathering pace and ferocity.

Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne met Emmanuel Macron yesterday in Paris and came to the conclusion that they had had enough of Boris’ shenanigans and issued an ultimatum that he needs to provide plans in writing by September 30, or he should walk away.

The Finn couldn’t have been clearer to the assembled reporters when he stated, "If the UK wants to discuss alternatives to the existing Brexit agreement then these must be presented before the end of the month," adding "If not by then, then it's over."

Finland is currently holding the rotating presidency of the EU, so his remarks come with an added power and poignancy that the UK prime minister would be sensible to note.

It is up to Rinne, to set the EU’s daily agenda and he will require the support of the other EU leaders, but with Macron already on board it seems likely to be upheld.

Currently Johnson is focused on the EU Summit on October 17 as his deadline, however if Rinne can get the agreement of the others, this will half the PM’s run-in time to September 30.

It seems that Johnson would be better placed to come off what is clearly his current campaign trail around hospitals, police academies and military establishments and put his mind back on European issues.

UK 'has 12 days to set out Brexit plans'

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