Farage accuses Boris Johnson’s government of bribery and corruption

Friday 15th November 2019

Nigel Farage always manages to stay close to the headlines regardless of the political landscape and today is no exception.

Today, he has sparked all sorts of concerns over the government’s campaigning tactics with claims that members of his Brexit Party have been approached with bribes by Johnson’s administration to stand down in constituencies where they might threaten the Tory candidates’ success.

Farage has been a thorn in the Conservatives side ever since the EU referendum, but once Boris was installed at No 10 with a hardline Brexit message, it was hoped that the Brexit Party would dissolve into the background.

While offering to stand down 317 candidates in constituencies which were won by the Tories in 2017, there have been no clear olive branches from Johnson, in fact he has tried to distance himself as much as possible, from Farage.

The Breit Party leader described attempts to bribe his candidates as ‘Venezuelan-style’ intimidation, alleging political corruption that warranted police intervention.

Unsurprisingly, government sources have heavily denied these accusations, with Tory chairman James Cleverly calling them, “completely unfounded.”

Apparently not only have peerages been offered as an incentive for standing down, but according to Farage these candidates have also been offered jobs as recompense for their actions.

Calling the strategy, “ incredible, aggressive intimidation of our candidates”, it appears that Farage is willing to stir up yet another hornet’s nest by taking the situation to the police.

Of course, whether he was successful in bringing a prosecution, or even an inquiry, is almost beside the point because the furore that even the allegations will cause will once again shroud Johnson in controversy, which is not desirable during a general election campaign

This will be music to the opposition parties’ ears and another weapon in their electioneering armoury and Labour Party chairman Ian Lavery was the first to jump on the bandwagon.

Citing that, “This gives a whiff of the corrupt way the establishment works”, he urged the electorate to vote for Jeremy Corbyn explaining that, “ We can’t allow the Tories to run the country a minute longer.”

Unfortunately, for Boris, having finally achieved some unity within his own party, even though Nigel Farage is not going to challenge him for residency of No 10, in fact he is not even running for office himself, he could well split the Brexit vote, which could leave Johnson homeless on December 12.

Total Brexit Party Seats In Next General Election

Under 05 1/2
Over 05 13/8
Odds correct as of 15th Nov, 10:26 . Odds are subject to change.
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