Elizabeth Warren rises as Democratic presidential frontrunner

Wednesday 16th October 2019
Elizabeth Warren

Although here in the UK, headlines are overwhelmed with stories about Brexit, across the pond the political climate is also beginning to hot up as Americans prepare for a presidential election in 2020.

Few will argue, whether Democrat or Republican, that Donald J Trump has been an extremely divisive and contentious president. Re-defining the role of statesman, with his incessant use of Twitter, and his peculiar style of rhetoric, interestingly the bookies still have him favourite to be returned for a second term, even though he is currently facing impeachment procedures for his interaction with the Ukrainian President over his rival Joe Biden.

However, it appears that it is not Biden, Obama’s vice-president, and therefore a seasoned politician, or indeed Sanders who Trump should be watching but Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Last night, 12 Democrats took to the hustings stage in Ohio, and while it was Warren who was bombarded with questions, grilled about her past positions on various topics, and often maligned, it was clear that all the other candidates noted that she was the focus of the evening.

Sanders has always been the darling of the Democrat left, but Warren is now even surpassing his popularity.

She was challenged fiercely about how she would pay for the medicare she was touting, belittled regarding her desire to break up big tech and her anti-trust agenda, but rather than withering at the hands of Biden, Sanders, Kamala and the rest, she appeared to thrive and grow in stature.

Refusing to rise to the goads that were focused on her, she maintained a cool, sophisticated and agile political brain that impressed all who were present.

Words like ‘discipline’ and ‘poise’, peppered all the accounts of her performance and seemed to have gone down particularly well with those who seek to counteract the erratic and often taunting political delivery of the present incumbent in The White House.

It seems Warren, could well be the ammunition that the Democrats need to win next year and judging by how quiet Joe Biden was, it seems as if he may well believe that eight years at the White House was enough.


Democratic Presidential candidate 2020

Elizabeth Warren 10/11
Joe Biden 4/1
Pete Buttigieg 9/1
Bernie Sanders 10/1
Hillary Clinton 10/1
Andrew Yang 16/1
Kamala Harris 20/1
Tulsi Gabbard 50/1
Cory Booker 66/1
Beto O'rourke 75/1
Michelle Obama 80/1
Tom Steyer 100/1
Amy Klobuchar 100/1
Oprah Winfrey 100/1
Marianne Williamson 100/1
Julien Castro 100/1
Mark Zuckerberg 200/1
Jay Nixon SP
Kirsten Gillibrand SP
Michael Bloomberg SP
Tim Kaine SP
Martin O’Malley SP
Andrew Cuomo SP
Sherrod Brown SP
John Hickenlooper SP
Jerry Brown SP
Gavin Newsom SP
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Democratic Presidential candidate 2020

Odds correct as of 16th Oct, 12:55 . Odds are subject to change.
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