Dominic Grieve suggests Jeremy Corbyn is more trustworthy than Boris Johnson

Wednesday 11th December 2019

Dominic Grieve has been a thorn in Boris Johnson’s side since he took up residency at 10 Downing Street.

The pro European and ex-Tory cabinet minister had been doggedly opposed to Johnson, in particular his policy of exiting the EU without a deal, and worked with colleagues across the House to introduce legislation to prohibit this.

Ultimately the PM’s wrath was incurred and Grieve, along with 20 other colleagues, were expelled from the party, (including Tory Grandee Ken Clarke) having had the Party Whip removed.

Unsurprisingly, Grieve subsequently decided to run as an Independent candidate in his home constituency of Beaconsfield setting himself resolutely against the Tory candidate Joy Morrissey in this safe Conservative seat.

Johnson is clearly worried that this loose canon could do him harm and he is sensible to think so.

Maligning Johnson’s untrustworthiness on LBC and TV interviews, the Tories even tried to halt the local election hustings, by reporting the Girl Guide hall to the Charity Commission for trying to  convene the event.

Eventually the debate was held at a local pub and although invited on numerous occasions, Joy Morrissey failed to turn up.

It is difficult for Johnson to belittle a man who has been a respected member of the Tory Party for so long, so may have to write the seat off as a battle loss and try not to get over animated about the whole affair.

However, in an election where each and every vote will be significant Johnson may rue the day that he lost Beaconsfield to one of the party’s most trusted servants, especially when he has the audacity to suggest that the PM’s arch enemy Jeremy Corbyn is more trustworthy.

All eyes will be on the Beaconsfield result on Thursday night to take the temperature of the Tory vote in the Home Counties.

Election result in Beaconsfield

Conservatives 2/9
Dominic Grieve (Ind) 5/2
Liberal Democrats 25/1
Labour 50/1
Brexit Party 100/1
Ukip 150/1
Greens 200/1

Election result in Beaconsfield

Odds correct as of 11th Dec, 11:02 . Odds are subject to change.
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