Dominic Cummings’ desire for ‘misfits and weirdos’ backfires

Wednesday 19th February 2020
Dominic Cummings

After, the Tory’s success in the general election in December, as much has been written about Dominic Cummings as about the prime minister.

The success of the original Brexit campaign even provided the script for a drama, in which Cummings was played by  Benedict Cumberbatch, and his strategising has been credited for Johnson sweeping the board at the ballot box.

It appears that Cummings is equally as responsible for the state of the government as his boss, but it seems cracks are appearing in his armour.

He is certainly something of a maverick, which is familiar territory in a world where the president of the USA tweets to his electorate about his world view, but it is something which the corridors of power and the civil service are unaccustomed.

Well before Cummings was ensconced in Number 10, he made his desire to shake up both government nd the civil service very clear, and famously explained his desire to people these British institutions with, “misfits and weirdos”.

On Monday, one of these individuals was forced to resign largely because his remarks were not only weird but unacceptable on a variety of fronts.

Andrew Sabisky, appointed by Cummings as a ’super forecaster’, suggested not only that contraception should be compulsory to do away with what he termed an underclass, but that there was a clear supremacy of Caucasians over Africans and that women’s sport was comparable to the Paralympics.

This misogyny, racism and eugenics met vitriol from Tory MPs, including Caroline Noakes, who explained that she was ‘relieved’ that Sabisky had gone.

However, the biggest concern for a number of Conservatives was that criticism did not emanate from Number 10, which remained disturbingly silent on the whole affair.

Does Johnson really need Cummings, more than the politicians like Gove and Rees-Mogg who used to dominate the headlines, to enact his vision, or is it in fact possible that by driving policies designed by weirdos and misfits that the Prime Minister himself puts his longevity in danger?

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