Demonstrations expected on Trump’s 3 day visit to the UK

Tuesday 3rd December 2019

As contentious as Mr Trump is generally, arriving in the UK during a general election campaign makes the president even more of a loose canon than he usually is.

His visit, during which he will attend a meeting of world leaders hosted by the Queen and attend a Nato summit, and a 70th birthday celebration of the organisation.

Last night during a BBC documentary, Prince Andrew’s account of his friendship with sex fiend Epsein was put under more scrutiny by his female accuser, so the monarchy itself is in a state of siege.

Similarly Boris Johnson has  been under pressure to distance himself from Trump and any hint that he will be selling the  NHS, or parts of it to the US president. It is not clear if Johnson will have a one to one with Trump over the next few days, but there is every opportunity for some soundbite to scupper the Tories’ chances at the ballot box next week.

In fact given that at the outset Trump ratified both Johnson, and Farage, while a special relationship with the leader of a country that the Uk is supposed to have a special relationship with would seem like a win win situation, it is really not that simple when this Republican is involved.

Comparisons are often made between the two men, not only regarding their political leanings, but their attitudes towards women, immigrants and to some degree, the value of isolationism.

Johnson will be walking a political tightrope, careful not to offend the president’s fragile ego, while making sure he distances himself enough to get the approval of the British electorate.

It is a widely held belief among the majority of UK citizens that Trump is something of a joke, so cosying up to him in the way that Farage seems to have, would be undoubted political suicide.

General Election Turnout on December 12

65 - 6999% 3/2
60 - 6499% 11/4
70 - 7499% 3/1
Under 60% 7/1
Over 75% 10/1

General Election Turnout on December 12

Odds correct as of 6th Dec, 10:19 . Odds are subject to change.
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