David Cameron admits to “having regrets” and slates Johnson and Gove

Monday 16th September 2019

With only 6 weeks to go before the Halloween Brexit deadline, the prime minister who offered UK citizens the chance to decide on their relationship with Europe, has finally decided to come out of the shadows and give his opinion on the current chaos.

David Cameron was responsible for the 2016 referendum and was forced to resign when leavers won at the ballot box.

Cameron had always campaigned to remain allied to the continent, albeit with some revision to the terms, so it was impossible for him to remain in Downing Street after the 2016 ballot.

The publication of his memoirs at this moment, together with a serialisation in The Times newspaper, has clearly been done for greatest effect.

In a week when Boris heads for supposed negotiations with Juncker, and The Supreme Court will deliver their verdict on whether his prorogation of parliament was legal, his former colleague is damning about his character.

Suggesting that Johnson’s decision to lead the Leave campaign at the outset was not a heartfelt move, but a gamble on advancing his political career, his current ‘do or die’ Halloween Brexit is portrayed as little more than a political stunt.

While Cameron does cite that he has ‘personal regrets’ about the unfolding political landscape in 2016, it is not only the current PM who feels the full weight of his scorn.

In fact, in many ways Michael Gove, ascribed as a Faragista, is viewed as putting his political ambitions front and centre of his actions in an even more cold-hearted manner.

However, Cameron does  lay the blame for the current chaos, and the dirty  tricks he saw used in the
Leave camp during the Referendum, firmly at the door of the PM’s adviser Dominic Cummings, who he regards as the mastermind behind the current political anarchy.

One of the most damning comments in his book regarding Johnson himself, was that the current PM always believed that there should be a second referendum to confirm the Brexit deal achieved by the government, a position that couldn’t be more different from his current no deal mantra.

In what could be a defining week for  Boris Johnson, these exposés about him and his Brexit colleagues are sure to be used as hefty ammunition by the Opposition.


€˜Johnson is a liar who only backed Leave to help his career€™ €“ David Cameron

Next Conservative Leader After Boris Johnson

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Matthew Hancock 28/1
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Chris Grayling SP
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Next Conservative Leader After Boris Johnson

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