Crunch week for Brexit starts today with Queen’s Speech

Monday 14th October 2019

It has been well-documented that relations between the monarch and the current government have been less than traditional and some have even suggested, frosty.

Of course, it is the role of the Monarch within the British constitution to act as Head of State, but not to act in a political manner. It was Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament that threw this into dispute, as Westminster believed this was being wielded for political effect during the rumbling Brexit crisis and therefore made the Queen a pawn in the prime minister’s political game.

However, with the Supreme Court Judges unanimously deeming the prorogation by the PM to be illegal the Queen’s role was bolstered and verified and tomorrow Her Majesty will assume her natural role when she appears in parliament to deliver the so-called Queen’s Speech.

This is a formality conventionally used to outline the government’s intentions for the new parliamentary session. However, given that Johnson neither has a majority in Westminster, or has a mandate through the ballot box to even be in situ in Downing Street, topped by the fact that Brexit is still very much a work in progress, this particular Queen’s Speech is seen by many in the political establishment as using the Queen as a means to kick off the Conservative Party’s general election campaign.

Few doubt that whether Boris Johnson is able to secure a deal with the EU, or has to obey the so-called Benn Act in the event of a no-deal scenario, a general election will be triggered before the end of the year, which intriguingly the bookies suspect will serve up a win for the Conservatives.

The Queen is expected to outline today that it is still the overriding intention of her government to deliver Brexit at 23.00 GMT on 31 October but other goals are also addressed.

These include 22 new bills, which range from establishing a points based immigration system, scrapping the rail franchise system, setting up an NHS investigative body to improve patient safety and of course the much publicised funding of more police.

There is also an Environment Bill, which is inevitable in current climes, which targets reducing the use of plastic and air pollution.

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn has described today’s theatre as both, “a stunt” and “ludicrous” and “ in effect a party political broadcast from the throne”.

However, this speech may be viewed, it will certainly go ahead, but it is the outcome of the EU Summit on Thursday and Friday that will be of most significance to political pundits and above all what Saturday’s emergency parliamentary session will deliver.


Second Referendum Betting

No Uk Eu Referendum Before 2020 1/66
A Uk Eu Referendum Before 2020 14/1
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Second Referendum Betting

1. No Uk Eu Referendum Before 2020
2. A Uk Eu Referendum Before 2020
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