Could Lisa Nandy be Corbyn's natural successor?

Monday 16th December 2019

While Johnson and Cummings bathe in their extraordinary success in the general election on Thursday, the Labour Party have returned to the drawing board dishevelled and dis-heartened.

As expected Jeremy Corbyn did announce that he would not be standing as Labour leader in a future general election, but he also stated that he would step aside when the party had had time to reflect on their mistakes, and that would probably not be until March.

The party is definitely in a state of disarray at the moment, with accusations and theories about last week’s catastrophic polling, but for many it seems that Corbyn is seen as the major issue so to let him stay on for a further three months seems foolhardy.

Of course for Labour’s numbers to have dwindled to a paltry 203 MPs in the House of Commons, compared to the Tories 365 is an absolute kick in the teeth and lessons will have to be learnt.

However, because Corbyn’s replacement is chosen by the membership, and not the parliamentary party like the Conservatives, the process is a lengthy one and so it makes sense to have a reasonable period before there is a change of hands at the top.

The intriguing dilemma however, is that the membership chose Corbyn and that proved an absolute failure, so how will they select their next leader with this in mind?

One of the solutions that seems to be raising its head already is that Corbyn’s successor should be a woman and someone who hails from the North, or at least from outside London.

Having lost many of the so called ‘red-wall’ seats to the Tories there is a suggestion that there should be someone from the North of the country to give these constituencies greater representation.

It is also clear that at 70, Corbyn was not a young man and that a youthful face could also be a necessity. After all, whoever takes the job, will have five years to mature politically anyway before the next scheduled election.

There is one woman in particular, who meets all of these criteria, and according to the press she appears ready to throw in her hand.

Although Jess Phillips, Angela Rayner and Emily Thornberry were obvious candidates, it is 40 year old Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan since 2010, that has excited many.

Nandy served under Jeremy Corbyn as Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change from September 2015 until June 2016, so has some experience of cabinet life and was very vocal about supporting the Brexiteers in her home patch.

There is also some real value in having someone who was not closely linked with Corbyn in the past years, thereby giving them the air of a fresh start and a new direction.

Although for many Keir Starmer was always seen as the leader in waiting, the Labour Party will want to think long and hard about their next move.

Rebecca Long-Bailey 6/4
Keir Starmer 9/4
Lisa Nandy 4/1
Jess Phillips 10/1
Yvette Cooper 11/1
Emily Thornberry 20/1
Clive Lewis 33/1
Angela Rayner 50/1
Dan Jarvis 50/1
David Miliband 66/1
Stephen Kinnock 66/1
Hilary Benn 66/1
David Lammy 66/1
Andy Burnham 80/1
Rachel Reeves 100/1
Sadiq Khan 100/1
Dawn Butler 100/1
Richard Burgon 100/1
Heidi Alexander SP
Laura Pidcock SP
Nia Griffith SP
Lucy Powell SP
Chi Onwurah SP
Sarah Champion SP
Liz Kendell SP
John Mcdonnell SP
Barry Gardiner SP
Chris Leslie SP
Owen Smith SP
Jim Mcmahon SP
Harriet Harman SP
Chuka Umunna SP
Diane Abbot SP
Alan Johnson SP
Stella Creasy SP
Tristram Hunt SP
Tom Watson SP
Angela Eagle SP
Chris Williamson SP
Jonathan Ashworth SP
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Odds correct as of 19th Dec, 11:46 . Odds are subject to change.
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