Could Bernie Sanders really beat Trump at the ballot box?

Thursday 13th February 2020
Bernie Sanders_1

Having survived impeachment proceedings in The Senate, and with the US economy ticking over quite nicely, Donald Trump has positioned himself quite nicely for the presidential election at the end of the year.

While many Americans find it unfathomable that this man ever got elected, let alone is standing for a second term, the bookies and the pollsters still have him at the head of the field.

It was always assumed that Joe Biden, who was Obama’s second-in-command, would be the one who would take Trump on in November. However, being Obama’s side-kick has not worked in his favour and it appears that The Democrats are looking for new blood to represent them.

Although there certainly seems like an appetite for a new direction among the Democrat faithful, currently it is not a new face who is earning their support, but rather a seasoned 78-year-old politician.

Vermont congressman, Bernie Sanders, is more left of centre than Biden, but after the chaos of the Iowa primary, won his first clear victory in New Hampshire.

The lengthy and complicated system of primaries across the States decide who will take on Trump at the polls and although Sanders won the latest with 26 percent of the vote, the field is really still wide open.

Age will always be a factor when voting for Sanders, although his followers have been loyal over the years, citing his policies as the only real alternative to Trump’s administration.

However, Sanders did win the New Hampshire Primary in 2016 and his proportion of the vote this time was significantly reduced.

He is not only competing against Biden, but there is a wide-ranging field of candidates who are giving him a run for his money not least the openly gay congressman Pete Buttigieg, who came a close second in the latest vote.

There is also a real concern about Sanders’ age, although Trump is almost as old, from the point of view that Americans are craving fresh blood and youth in their political landscape.

Although Sanders will be relieved to have won New Hampshire again, there is a sense that it would be too much of a swing to the Left, after Trump, for America to stomach. Democrats will be hoping that one candidate emerges with enough pizazz to undermine Trump snd it seems unlikely that Sanders can be that person.

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