Corbyn launches ‘Manifesto of Hope’ in Birmingham today

Thursday 21st November 2019

We are getting to the sharp end of the current electioneering process. Each party is now clear about where they stand on the question of Brexit, so now eyes are turning to budget ides and specific domestic policies.

After ten years of austerity implemented by the Tories, Johnson is currently coming to the ballot box with a raft of spending pledges and today it is Jeremy Cornbyn’s turn to roll out his vision for the future.

He will unveil his, ‘Manifesto of Hope’ today in Birmingham with a tag line that it is the, " most radical and ambitious plan to transform our country in decades".

At its heart is the green agenda, with a promise that Britain will be carbon zero by 2030. There will be a Green Transformation fund worth £250 billion, which will include green apprenticeships and loans for electric cars.

This will be paid for through borrowing and a windfall tax on all oil companies.

There will be 100,00 new council houses by 2024, a living wage of £10 per hour, free broadband for all as well as nationalising rail, mail, energy and water.

Insisting on the need for real and radical change and a narrowing of the divide between the haves and the have nots, Corbyn will expect to be pilloried by the establishment because he will argue that they have benefited from the status quo for far too long.

It is a manifesto that will certainly appeal to the young electoral demographic but whether Labour can survive without the vote of big business is another question.

Having been out of power since 2010, Corbyn is sure to argue that enough  is enough and now is the opportunity to refresh the country with new politics.

Johnson and the Conservatives are still  beating Corbyn at the polls, but there is still enough time to change opinion and enough opportunity for Boris to all on his face.

Watch this space

It's time for real change

Most Seats In 2019 Election

Conservatives 1/12
Labour 12/1
Liberal Democrats 66/1
Any Other 200/1

Most Seats In 2019 Election

Odds correct as of 6th Dec, 09:30 . Odds are subject to change.
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