Corbyn favours an election if Brexit deadline is extended to January 2020

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Yesterday was certainly all about Boris Johnson and his frontbenchers, although the leaders of Plaid Cymru, the SNP, the DUP, the Liberal Democrats and Labour were voluble in their voices of dissent in the House of Commons.

While the prime minister’s new deal went through, the defeated programme motion, meant the PM suggested that the only way such a proposition could be granted, was if a general election was held during this time.

Labour has been taunted by Johnson since he came into office, for not enabling a general election before Brexit was signed off, but if the bookies’ predictions of the result are anything to go by, it seems Corbyn is unlikely to win at the ballot box.

Corbyn had always stated that it was his reticence the the PM could manoeuvre a no deal Brexit, if an election was called in the run up to the Halloween deadline, but now it appears there are no other obstacles in his way.

Unfortunately for the Labour Party, the last three years, which should have seen the Opposition trumping a minority government, has not been as effective as might have been expected.

The reason for this lies largely in the lack of unity that Labour has seen among its MPs when it comes to Brexit.

Even leader, Jeremy Corbyn has regularly sat on the Brexit fence, with little ammunition to throw at the establishment.


However, in the last month, Labour has come out firmly as the voice of remain, although Corbyn has been a lacklustre advocate.


It has been McDonnell and Watson who have been beating this particular drum, while their boss has once again been stating a more compromised position.


However, it seems that now is the time to be very clear about what the Labour Party are offering, because it looks likely a manifesto will have to be written in the next few weeks.

Most Seats In Next General Election

Conservatives 1/7
Labour 11/2
Liberal Democrats 22/1
Any Other 33/1
Greens 500/1

Most Seats In Next General Election

Odds correct as of 28th Oct, 09:59 . Odds are subject to change.
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