Can Layla Moran refloat the Liberal Democrat's boat?

Thursday 9th January 2020
Layla Moran

With only 11 MPs left in parliament the heady days of May 2019, when the Liberal Democrats fared so well in the European elections, the party is not only without a leader, but without direction.

Jo Swinson entered the general election in December in bullish mood, even suggesting that she could be the next PM before having to dilute her ‘remain’ campaign in very short order.

Losing her parliamentary seat was a wake up call for both Swinson and Lib Dem MPs, who it seems have lost their way in the House of Commons since teaming up with David Cameron in his coalition government.

The party made its stance on Brexit as clear ( although in opposition to) as Johnson, but they were unable to galvanise or reflect public opinion at the ballot box.

Liberals have always stood in the middle ground between the Tories and Labour, however, it seems that UK politics is no longer fought and won in this area, but has lurched to the Left and to the Right. Rarely has the political landscape ben so polarised.

It therefore falls to the next leader, to not only pick up the party, yet again, but to make it a credible voice, with popular  policies that are relevant today.

Candidates require the backing of at least two other MPs, which theoretically means there could be five candidates at the hustings for leader, although commentators seem certain that the final race will be between acting leader Ed Davey and Layla Moran.

Being both female, of Palestinian descent, and having recently identified as a pansexual, Moran is favoured by many as the modern face of liberalism that could attract younger voters.

Much like the Labour Party, the Liberals are regrouping in dark corners to take on the might of Johnson’s 80 strong majority hoping that a leader will emerge who will put them back in the spotlight.

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Next Liberal Democrat leader

Ed Davey 1/2
Layla Moran 11/4
Daisy Cooper 5/1
Christine Jardine 22/1
Wera Hobhouse 50/1
Jamie Stone 80/1
Alistair Carmichael 80/1
Sarah Olney 100/1
Tim Farron 100/1
Wendy Chamberlain 150/1
Munira Wilson 150/1

Next Liberal Democrat leader

Odds correct as of 9th Jan, 14:12 . Odds are subject to change.
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