Can a woman win the American presidency?

Wednesday 15th January 2020

The nearest that America has ever come to having a female president was last time around when Hillary Clinton went head to head with Donald Trump.

She went into the election as the favourite with both the bookies and the polls and . . .  lost.

Her credentials as First Lady during her husband’s time in the White House were above and beyond any other candidate, and her independent time as a politician also gave her gravitas and relevance.

In comparison, Trump’s CV as a dubious entrepreneur, a Reality TV star, let alone a mysogynist and racist, looked like a recipe for disaster.

However this chaotic, inarticulate man won the votes of the American electorate, and Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders has suggested that the country is simply not yet ready to embrace a woman as Commander-in-Chief.

Sanders lost the Democrat nomination to Hillary and some have seen his comment as churlish but as the Democrat choose their candidate this time, he insists it is not his belief, but something still entrenched in American households.

At a recent Democrat hustings Senator Elizabeth Warren who is vying for the Democrat nomination was initially shocked by her rivals’ conclusion but has now reflected that there are some unfortunate truth in his words.

Warren has a real chance of taking on Joe Biden ( Obama’s vice-president) as the Democrat’s choice, and is taking  every opportunity to highlight why a female candidate can succeed.

Each time she is at a hustings she has pointed out where, and how, women have trumped men in the US political arena, including the fact that Hillary Clinton actually  won the popular vote by 3 million votes.

It seems that the biggest concern for all female politicians is that according to various think tanks people vote for who they think can win, not necessarily who they want to win.

Subsequently, candidates like Elizabeth Warren could be side-lined simply because a man seems more likely to be favoured by the majority, even if that is not true.

Warren is a sharp, well-educated, passionate and articulate woman, who could surely flatten the monosyllabic , twitter addict Trump.

However, it seems that the U.S is about to shoot itself in the foot again and return the 45th president to The White House for a second term.

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