Boris bashes Brexit Party and takes 15 point lead over Labour in latest opinion poll

Monday 7th October 2019

It has been a stormy start for the latest UK prime minister. Entering Number 10 Downing Street among the emotional debacle that is Brexit, Boris Johnson, with a lot of help from political adviser Dominic Cummings has at times abandoned his usual bonhomie and gone for the political jugular.

Proroguing parliament was a fine example of this, and his battle filled rhetoric that he will deliver Brexit “do or die” and that anyone who tries to stop him is ‘surrendering’ the UK to the EU has heightened an already emotional debate.

His character has come under scrutiny as well. Headlines regarding police being called to a domestic with his girlfriend was reported during the leadership campaign and now his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri, while he was Mayor of London is trending across the press.

However, despite the foibles in his personal life, and the fact that he has taken the whip from 21 MPs and most importantly that he has not as yet delivered Brexit as he has promised, the latest poll by Opinium put him ahead of his parliamentary rivals by a country mile.

Although polls are now treated with great suspicion after the referendum result, Johnson will be thrilled to discover that the Conservatives are sitting at 38 percent, a huge 15 points ahead of Labour who  sit at 23 percent. This represents a 2 percent improvement for Boris during a torrid week for him and a fall for Jeremy Corbyn of 1 percent.

Given the result of the Supreme Court and the question marks over his personal conduct, let alone not getting a del with Europe, it seems Labour are unable to challenge this leader, which bodes very badly for an imminent general election.

If Corbyn cannot take advantage of a minority government on the back foot, it seems that he is doomed at the ballot box.

Interestingly, while Johnson seems to have mopped up the Brexit Party vote with his bullish strategies, Labour has managed to corral some remainers from Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats. Apparently according to the poll, 39 percent of remainers would vote for Labour and only 30 percent will vote Lib Dem.

However, currently it certainly appears that Boris is the one to beat.


Winner Of Next UK General Election

Conservatives 1/7
Labour 11/2
Liberal Democrats 22/1
Any Other 33/1
Greens 500/1

Winner Of Next UK General Election

Odds correct as of 28th Oct, 09:59 . Odds are subject to change.
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