Best result for Tories since Margaret Thatcher and worst result for Labour since 1983

Friday 13th December 2019

Yesterday’s general election was seen by many as a gamble by Boris Johnson, given the small 52 to 48 percent divide over the Brexit issue since 2016, however last night the PM’s bullish tactics paid off with a resounding victory at the ballot box.

Johnson now has a resounding majority of 80 seats in the House of Commons which makes him essentially untouchable for the next five years.

Parliament can no longer hamper his decisions and Labour are left to limp off into the political shadows with only a miserable 203 MPs in parliament. compared to 364 Conservatives

For Brexiteers, the outcome is wholly positive, for those who wanted to remain in the EU, it was a longhand arduous night of TV torture.

Even Jo Swinson, buoyed up by the May European elections, was so positive at the outset that she positioned herself as the next PM four weeks ago, but by last night had to swallow the fact that she had lost her seat to an SNP candidate.

The exit poll had it right at 10pm last night, even though it took ten long hours for the scenario to play out.

The scenarios of hung parliaments and even tactical voting, that had absorbed political pundits for weeks, were soon brushed aside as it became clear that the Boris Johnson steam roller had overridden everything.

So now Johnson is polishing his halo and preparing for a long tenure at Downing Street, Jo Swinson is unemployed and Labour will be seeing to find someone in their ranks who can make them more marketable than Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour leader has already said that he will not lead the party at the next general election, but it seems likely that he will stay on for a while as a suitable barb to Johnson across the House can be sourced.

Tony Blair and other Labour stalwarts had warned that Corbyn would make Labour unelectable for a generation and it seems they may have been right.

It will certainly take somebody gutsy and dogged and charismatic to face Johnson over the despatch box for five long years.

Next Labour Party Leader

Rebecca Long Bailey 7/4
Lisa Nandy 7/2
Keir Starmer 6/1
Angela Rayner 8/1
Jess Phillips 12/1
Yvette Cooper 22/1
Clive Lewis 33/1
Dan Jarvis 33/1
Emily Thornberry 40/1
David Miliband 50/1
David Lammy 50/1
Richard Burgon 66/1
Hilary Benn 66/1
Sadiq Khan 66/1
Stephen Kinnock 66/1
John Mcdonnell 66/1
Chuka Umunna 100/1
Andy Burnham 100/1
Ian Lavery 100/1
Jonathan Reynolds 100/1
Shami Chakrabarti 100/1
Gloria De Piero 100/1
Lucy Powell 100/1
Chi Onwurah 100/1
Paul Mason 100/1
Laura Pidcock 100/1
Angela Eagle 100/1
Maria Eagle 100/1
Rachel Reeves 100/1
Owen Smith 100/1
Diane Abbott 100/1
Vernon Coaker 100/1
Harriet Harman 100/1
Mary Creagh 100/1
Seema Malhotra 100/1
Ed Balls 100/1
Dennis Skinner 100/1
Wes Streeting 100/1
Jonathan Ashworth 100/1
Heidi Alexander 100/1
Barry Gardiner 100/1
Neil Coyle 100/1
Chris Leslie 100/1
Caroline Flint 100/1
Jim Mcmahon 100/1
Luciana Berger 100/1
Liz Kendall 125/1
Ann Coffey 125/1
Margaret Hodge 125/1
Chris Bryant 125/1
Ed Miliband 150/1
Michael Dugher 150/1
Tony Blair 200/1
Emma Hardy 500/1
Tom Watson 500/1
Stephen Morgan 500/1

Next Labour Party Leader

Odds correct as of 16th Dec, 10:31 . Odds are subject to change.
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