Bernie Sanders puts off Americans like Corbyn put off Brits

Monday 17th February 2020
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Bernie Sanders who narrowly lost out to Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nomination for The White House in the last presidential election is on the campaign trail once more, but it seems that many Americans are scared about him succeeding.

Winning the Democrat nomination to stand against Trump in November is a lengthy, and expensive process, taking the candidates on a camel train of events across all the states in the country.

Sanders has started well by winning in New Hampshire, but it seems that those Democrats with more centrist views are actually funding expensive media campaigns to de-rail him.

Sanders is certainly a left of centre candidate, much in the same way that Corbyn was in the UK, and while he is gaining momentum, there are many Democrats who fear that his policies are so polar opposite to Donald Trump that Americans will simply not back him at the ballot box.

In much of the political analysis about Labour’s recent loss in the general election, many agree that it was not just Brexit that handed them the wooden spoon but, more poignantly, it was Corbyn himself.

For fear of the same scenario unfolding in the US, Democratic anti-Sanders campaigns have invested just short of $1 million to undermine him in Nevada for the Primary on February 22.

Democratic strategists explained, “Bernie is absolutely going to see intensified scrutiny. He was never in this position of the frontrunner in the 2016 race, and you’re going to see things from a long career come out that people are gonna go after.”

Interestingly the slurs that are expected to be aired about Sanders are also similar to the ones that dogged Corbyn, with Jewish Democratic Groups undermining his qualifications as Commander-in-Chief.

What is ironic is that while centrists are panicking about Sanders, a national poll already puts him eight points ahead of Trump, suggesting that he could actually be the next resident at The White House. Corbyn never reached these heights in the run up to his defeat by Boris Johnson.

However, there is a bigger picture at work here in Centrist Democrat thinking and that is the composition of both The Senate and Congress.

Had the Democrats had a majority in the Senate a few weeks ago, Donald Trump would be history. He was only saved from impeachment by a Republican majority and it is a lesson which is being absorbed by the president's adversaries.

Although Democrats have recently taken back the majority in Congress, it is felt that The Senate has no chance of doing the same with Sanders at the top.

Trump has already run a scathing campaign about socialism taking over in the US, but with seven months of rhetoric, let alone tweeting, Sanders may be too easy a target for the party to support.

In comparison, Bernie’s head is up and his talk bullish.

Addressing both the conservatives in his own party, and the Republicans, he emphatically said, “We’ve got the momentum. The political establishment and billionaire class know it. If our movement stands together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.”

Jeremy Corbyn also talked about a movement of new Labour members last year, Bernie Sanders will be hoping that, unlike his UK colleague, he has read the political  temperature correctly.

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