Bernie Sanders inches towards defeating Trump according to new US poll

Monday 24th February 2020
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Today, the world is waking to scenes of Donald Trump addressing a stadium of 100,000 people, during his latest tour to India.

This display of adulation, is something that the President of the United States can only dream about at home, but is potent PR from a man who it seems is under real threat in the upcoming election from Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders.

It had always been assumed that his natural opponent at the ballot box this time around would be Obama’s second-in-command, Joe Biden. Although it was Trump’s apparent intervention in Ukraine, over his desire to undermine Biden, which led to impeachment proceedings, this particular Democrat failed to capitalise on the story and gained no momentum in his campaign to enter The White House.

However, although Sanders has long battled the opinion that he is too left of centre to win the Democratic nomination - something which certainly lost him votes when competing with Hillary Clinton last time around - it appears that Americans are now prepared to put their trust in him.

In the most recent US survey, it appears that of all the Democrat candidates in the presidential race, Sanders is the most popular, and whatsmore, it appears that as a whole, many Americans would consider voting for him instead of Trump.

This is both reason to celebrate for the Democrats and reason to panic. It has long been the case that Sanders un-nerves more centrist members of the party who have actively campaigned against their own man, but it seems they may now have to get behind him if they are to avoid another Republican administration.

The latest poll asked a smile of over 4000 voters who they would choose if Trump and Sanders were on the ballot paper and an impressive 52 percent opted for Sanders, with only 43 percent choosing Trump.

This signals a ground swell of opinion that Trump has had his moment in the spotlight and that a new progressive socialist should have a chance at power.

Sanders, at 78, is not a young man, but it seems that is not working against him and the youthful Democrat Pete Buttigieg, is simply not resonating with either the youth vote, or the black vote, as had been hoped.

The nine-point lead the Sanders appears to currently have over Trump is hard to argue with and may signal a need for a real shift in the Democrats’ strategy, although it has been made clear that in the same poll military households across the States were vehemently anti Sanders, which will be a statistic that they will be extremely wary of.

Standing on a banner of, ‘College For All, Medicare For All, Jobs For All, Justice For All’, it seems that at the moment the US has fallen out of love with Trump’s, ‘Make America Great Again’.

As Super Tuesday approaches, when a large swathe of Democrat Caucuses will decide on their candidate for November’s election, it appears that Sanders is finally in pole position for a showdown with Donald Trump.

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