Barnier says there’s no change, Boris suggests there is, while opposition MPs unite to stop the government with legislation

Monday 2nd September 2019

This week is looking to be one of the most tumultuous in UK parliamentary history.

Westminster opens again for business tomorrow, with the opposition heading into a war with the government over its Brexit strategy.

At the same time as people are taking to the streets in protest against the prime minster’s proroguing of parliament, the opposition are galvanising themselves to prevent a no deal Brexit from happening via the statute  book.

Michael Gove and Keir Starmer appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC 1 yesterday, the former suggesting that there was movement from the European Union to secure a deal, which had only been achieved by the threat of a no deal, and the latter suggesting that every effort would be made to stop a no deal by parliamentarians uniting, in the short time that was left, and passing legislation to curb Johnson’s policies.

Unfortunately for Gove, Michel Barnier wrote an article in The Telegraph, which coincided with his appearance, explaining that as the European Commission’s representative, he was unaware of any shift in EU leader’s position and that there was no change in their policy towards The Withdrawal Agreement.

In view of this impasse, and with the understanding that John Bercow will side with the opposition in their attempts to stop Johnson, provided it is within the law, there are a variety of outcomes that could take place.

If the PM finds his hands are tied by parliament, he may either decide to take the radical step of calling a snap general election, he may have to ask for an extension to article 50, or he may in fact be pushed by having a vote of no confidence called against him.

The scene is set for impassioned speeches, personal attacks and disruption in the streets.

Will Boris Johnson still be in situ by the end of the month? The bookies are becoming less optimistic.

No Deal Brexit Before End Of 2019

No 6/10
Yes 6/5
Each Way Terms
Odds correct as of 2nd Sep, 09:19 . Odds are subject to change.
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