55 percent of Americans want Trump impeached

Friday 27th December 2019

Christmas at The White House has come and gone and the 45th US President is only days away from an election year.

Few expected that the colourful entrepreneur with the shady past would ever make it to Capitol Hill when he first entered the race, and many are amazed that he managed to make it through his first term, let alone consider a second.

He may be one of the most memorable presidents, but not for the right reasons. He has certainly had a positive effect on the economy, which has been popular, but his style of governance has been extremely controversial.

Never has the powerful role of US President, relied so heavily on social media to converse with his citizens, and never has the language used been so petulant or child-like.

There was always an inevitability that the Democrats would seek to remove him from office in any way possible, but it was his dealings with Ukraine that finally gave them the leverage to try to impeach him.

Of course, in the same way that Clinton’s impeachment process was scuppered by a Senate that was his political ally, so Donald Trump can feel confident that as the process passes from Congress to Senate, a Republican bias will stop the process in its tracks.

However, and this is a big however, it seems that the majority of the public at large are now leaning towards wanting him to be impeached, and Republican Senators will be listening to their points of view.

The latest poll to be taken in the States indicates that 55 percent of Americans now think enough is enough and this man needs to be kicked out.

This is a 7 percent rise on last week and it appears that the number is expected to rise further.

The bookies still have Trump as the favourite to win the next election, but there is a year of campaigning to unfold, and given Trump’s record of making effortless crass gaffes, there will be Republican Senators who feel Trump is too much of a loose canon. Impeachment may be one way of clearing the decks for a different and more conservative candidate. Some Republicans may think Trump has reached his sell-by date.

Public support for Trump conviction at all-time high, poll finds

Republican Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump 1/12
Mike Pence 18/1
Nikki Haley 22/1
Mitt Romney 45/1
John Kasich 66/1
Tom Cotton 80/1
Ted Cruz 100/1
Condoleezza Rice 100/1
Candace Owens 100/1
Marco Rubio 100/1

Republican Presidential Candidate

Odds correct as of 27th Dec, 10:06 . Odds are subject to change.
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